Friday, November 26, 2004

How to Play my Pairs

Anyone with PT, do you lose ALOT of money on TPTK? Here are my stats to date. Are they abnormal? If I am losing with TPTK does it mean I am playing it alright, or should I just always fold these? It seemed like I was making money with them but the stats say differently:

High Card: -7K
Pair: -6K
Two Pair: +2.8K
3 of a Kind: +3.5K
Straight: +3.2K
Flush: +4.1K
Boat: +2.9K

It seems like I win like 9% with High Card. That one is easy to fix. Some of it is chasing TP, It also probably has alot of missed flush draw's in there.

How do you fix one pair though? Stop playing them? Stop betting them? Just deal? If I removed all one-pair play from my game I would be much higher now. However it seems like I win with a pair also. Very weird! 38% Win Rate on Showdown. So I do win my fair share of pots with them. Any suggestions?


Blogger Denis said...

Those stats are shown for anytime you have One Pair. If you called with a hand, flopped bottom pair and folded it would count that. Check the box that says 'Show Only Hands That Were Not Folded' so that you can see the times you went to showdown with a good pair or tptk. You should see money won, and not money lost.

11:22 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Yeah, someone else just mentioned that to me too. I am 3.7K in the profit zone. I fold the majority of my pairs on the flop (I.E. Second pair, good going sir!), and the ones I showdown with I win about 37% of the time. Nice. The only negative stat I have if I take out the dropped hands is TP, which is only slightly negative and I probably do call TP a little too often.

11:32 AM


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