Sunday, November 28, 2004

I Give up!

I hate Poker sometimes. You freaking play the best cards and get you ass handed to you with crap. How the hell does a runner-runner straight call to the river and make it every freaking time? How come my trip 8's never stand up? What the hell do I have to do to win this game? Jesus! I have had it! I am going to go back to 3/6 while my bankroll is still intact. I am sick of 5/10. I am not sure if I was having a slump or what but I have burned off enough money in this experiment. I have had it! The Cards suck!

UPDATE: Well at least 3/6 seems good again. Decided to try it for an hour
because I was so mad at Poker. I had a modest win which makes me feel a little
better. I have decided to stay at 3/6 until I get up to 5-6K or so and then try
5/10 again if I feel like it is worth it. #*&$*($*( Poker!


Blogger F-Train said...

I understand your frustration. Everyone has been there. BUT -- I will say that, in my own experience, when one is "mad at poker", the best thing is probably to just take a break for a day or two. Even at the lower limits, all it takes is one bad beat to tilt you right into oblivion.

Keep you head up. Short-term variance sucks, but it will right itself out in the long run.

8:30 AM


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