Thursday, November 25, 2004

Another day another dollar..

I do not understand 5/10. Once night I lose 60BB, the next night I win 30BB. Is it me? I don’t know. I am done over analyzing it. I am just going to play my best and see what happens.

So I make my 30BB and decide to play a 25/2 5K guaranteed tourney.

Level 1:

Lose some blinds.

Level 2:

I take it easy for a few orbits and then spike an AA. I raise the 4BB amount and get one caller. The flop is J72. So I bet just under the pot to try and take it. I get raised by a guy who has been going all in all night. So I re-raise him all in. I mean who is going to play J7 against a raise? Damn! He has J7! However I spike a 2 on the river to cripple him and give myself a nice bankroll of 1980.

I then raise pocket 9s, the flop has a K, so I bet the 170 the guy I just crippled has left. He folds and I take a little money. Next hand The_masta finishes him off. 195 Left at this point.

Level 3:

Not a lot of action. Raised AQ to 200, called by the blind. He calls two more fifty bets and folds to me on the turn with my A high. Sweet. I have 1865, and 150 players are left and it is break time.

Level 4:

Folded A-10 and the flop comes AA7! Yikes! Two guys are fighting over it. One dropped out. I wish I could have seen the showdown. Oh Well!

Raised my AK to 200 and took the blinds. I am soooo tight! You would be proud Venetian! Heh. 118 left at this point.

Level 5:

Here we makes some moves. Someone raises me in a blind steal attempt. I have KJ clubs. Flop is red, but no flush and a Jack! Sweet. He bets another 100, and I call. Trip J’s!!!!! I win! I may have over bet here, but did not want to give a flush a chance.

I then call with A-10 s000ted and hit my 10! Bet 100 and everyone folds! Nice. Scary flush draw board made everyone fold I think. I am now at 2865! Average is 2400 and 106 people are playing. This has been my level! Bad Blood started watching me and I started kicking ass!
Raised AJ in the blind, and got 1 caller. Small cards and he folds to my turn bet. 3100 and feeling good.

Level 6:

AKs, call a 300 raise. The flop has an A, the guy bets out 300 and I raise him and take the pot! 3815 baby! Best I have ever done in an NL tourney!

Raised AK to 400, got one caller. Flop missed me and it was 545 to play. I decide to wait for another chance. 3200 left.

AQ .. small stack makes it 450 to play. I call. He flips A8 and I hold on against a straight board that almost helped him. 3785! AJ takes the blinds. Pocket 6’s bring me back to 3360. 75 people left. Top 30 make a small profit.

Blinded down to 3K. I played the last hand WAY too weak!

Bet Ajo to a blind steel attempt. Flop sucked and I am down to 2200 now. I tried a weak bet on the flop and got raised back and had to fold.

Level 7:

Nothing yet. Blinds are 100/200 and I am getting a little concerned. I need to make a move I think. Running that off of BB to see what he thinks. He says I am moderate. Not too bad yet. I do need some playable cards soon though.

Stole a blind or so. Nothing much happening.

Level 8:

Limped with Pocket 7’s, hit a seven, and bet 400. Nobody wanted a piece of me. Up to 2800 now.

AK s00ted and I am up to 3500 and rocking and rolling back into this thing! My temporary bummed out feeling is gone. I am owning this tourney!

Level 9:

Small stack. Large blinds. I have made the money though.

All in with A-10, and two people. AK and KQ flip over and I hit my 10’s! The KQ made a straight so I just doubled up.

A9 for a blind steal! Sweet! I am up to 4298 and looking good. There are 27 people left and they are going out slowly. Just hit the break. Bad Blood is leaving me alone now. He has been great moral support in this thing!
Level 10:

Waiting to come back. Need some coke. Brb. AK and I blind steal. Up to 4598 now. 27 People left. Average stack is 9K. Nothing on the blinds so back to 4298. At least it didn’t cost me anything this orbit.

I screwed up. AK, and got into a raising war, and I am out. 77 Flopped trips. I should have folded. I am not sure what I was thinking. Damn! I am stupid. Oh well, it was fun, and I made a few bucks. I think BB should have stuck around longer. I would have won then! Out 25th of 247 for a grand profit of twenty something dollars. I really am not sure what I was thinking. Sometimes when I hit raise once it gets stuck. I should have put more in pre-flop, and then the sevens would probably have folded. Dummy.


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