Thursday, December 30, 2004

Another Day Another Dollar

Had an interesting day today. Played a bunch. Trippled up at 25/NL and got my BB/100 briefly on the positive side! However a couple of bad calls on another table later that night got it just back under.

Lost a buyin at 5/10 short. Won back another 40+ playing 5/10 short a while later. Played two NL $20/2 SNGs and placed first in both.

The games were polar opposites. The first one was so tight. I just waited for my chance, and let the best player at the table take everyone out. We were then HU. I went into killer mode and took him out on a lucky runner-runner straight. He had 4-5x advantage over me. I had played tight-passive all game. I attack him hard until he figured out I was no longer tight-passive. By that time I was almost even stack with him and could pick him apart.

The second SNG was a 5/1 look alike. 6 people out by the 2nd round! I have never seen this in 20/2. Usually I play limit but still. The last four players were hard ass fighters and we knocked each other around for the next four rounds. I then took out two blinds and was heads up with “I gotta feeds my mommas children and pay her doctahs bills”. I asked why I cared. I then amended that and said I did care but I was not going to let him win. He should be happy I got him into 2nd place. We fought back and forth for a while and eventually I took him out. It was a good game.

So I ended up in the positive arena for the day. About a hundred bucks. Perhaps a little more. The winning continues and that is all I can ask for. It feels good. I am not mature in my game enough to not equate losing to something in my play. In some ways this is good as I try and change. However I need to not just assume I stink.

I also played a .50/1 Limit table. Ha! BigChief was there and it took me ten minutes and eight bucks to figure out I could not raise all in and drive people out. Sigh. I ended up winning fifteen bucks there. Almost forgot! A guy was at the table with 10K! Lol! I keep saying "Go All In", Until I figured out it was limit. I got pictures if you want.

I played with many bloggers today. It is always fun. G-Rob, BigChief, Duggle, some others. I took money from some and donated to others. Duggle ended up winning a ton at my second table. I ended up busting out after being up almost three buyins. Oh well. Such is NL. Especially when you refuse to lay down TPTK!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was fun.
I had just told BadBlood I was on my last orbit...when I flopped the nut straight with KQ.

Helluva hand to go out on. Sorry to cut and you like that.

I'm sure I'll see you online soon.


5:39 AM

Blogger Mourn said...

Oh sure, you had to put in that part about not laying down TPTK...

2:03 PM


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