Thursday, December 23, 2004

No Poker

I did not play last night! No I am not on Hiatis again. I fell asleep on the couch. Damn -EV Bloggers! Staying up until 4AM two nights in a row playing with you tools just destroyed me. Sorry I missed out on Foxwoods Pauly! Next time I am there. I am trying to work on my attitude towards HE now. Getting my zen back and taking things slowly. It is what got me up to 3K, and it will decide if I get back there or bust out.

Anyway tonight I am going to try some more O8. Felicia if you are around 9PM EST on Empire/Party look for me. Send me your handle so I can recognize you. Or Just say "Hi Sir, You are sooooooo cute!" and I will know it is you. heh. If anyone else wants to come by feel free. I am not sure how good/bad I am at O8, but it is fun trying to figure it out. Having a book on the subject helps alot. I need to add that book to my listing on the side! It is a really good beginner book! I am playing .50/1 or 2/4 for now. I really do not see any increase in good play between the two levels. However I probably am not a good one to judge. yet.

I am going to start making money playing Poker. I am going to take out 1/4th of my earnings each month. Instead of building my bankroll to epic heights, I am going to take some money out and deposit it into my savings account. My account will thank me for it. It will also give me a sense that I am getting somewhere. I am starting my counting at 1K this month, so I am up like 80 bucks. Which means I have a twenty buck payday! Wahoo! lol. I actually have a few more days to crank that up. If it happens then sweet. If not then so be it. Ommmm. Zen.


Blogger Hank said...

You missed a good time last night! I played with Pauly for about three hours. Hank987

9:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grind it up, good luck.


10:55 AM


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