Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Day 2: How Sir Found His Groove

Well so far so good playing $100 buyin’s at the 5/10 6-Max crack factory. I am up over $400 today alone. The players at these tables just refuse to fold. It works out for me most of the time. It is nice to put together a small winning streak at least.

I think I put Iggy into hysterics last night when I told him he had a tell. I hope he has caught his breath by now. Hey, just relaying my personal experience man! See why I suck a poker. I make illogical leaps of logic basic on small things that come together on occasion. Oh well.. it works for me in pictionary. Either that or maybe he does have a tell.. bahahahaha! Of course if he know’s that I know..

I have taken a page out of double A’s book and decided to focus on one table. I know there is not a lot of money in it long term, but I want to play the players and figure out the game a little more. Not sure DA’s playing one table but he wrote something that stuck with me about the point of this game. Do you want to make money or improve your game? I think right now improving my game would be good. So that is what I am doing.

I also decided that I would focus on some tables where I could be aggressive and have it work out. So instead of doing what you’re supposed to do and targeting the high average pot tables, I figure I will hang out with my peeps – the passive guys, and try and bully them around first. So far so good.

I think I have lost my desire to do this fulltime. Besides needing to grow emotionally to handle the swings, which I hope will happen, I keep getting disturbed by the kids. Which is nice in a way but not +EV. Also around 11ish it actually got kind of hard to focus. I never thought I would willing fold a poker game but alas I have fallen far.


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