Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry F'ing Christmas and a Happy F'ing New Year

Well.. the dismal nights keep coming. No luck. I had a real fun time with overplaying AA and KK. Lost a BUNCH in a very short time. I guess aggression and stupidity are two different things. Not sure what I was thinking. It’s always great when four people come in when you have AA and 35 is the winnah! Oh well. I was pissed. I defiantly overplayed my hand though.

I am wondering if my super-passive ways were better. I would raise when I was passive, but against any kind of resistance I would call if I thought I had a good hand, or just fold. Now if I think I have a good hand I re-raise. A lot of the time it seems like this does not work out. Sometimes it does. I dunno. Aggression is not natural to me. I am the more laid back type.

I had a few good moments. I raise pre-flop with AKo, have a few guys in, the flop is a lousy 998. One guy raises. Now I want to know if he has a 9, doubt it, or an 8.. more probably. So I re-raise him. He pauses. Calls. The turn is an Ace. He checks and I know I have him. He pays me off to the river anyways. I made a nice K there too. Then he complains about me pulling cards out of my ass. Yeah, 77 works out all the time against AK with 1 other caller. It’s a coin toss dude and you lost! I defiantly would have folded the turn as it was getting too expensive.

I played decent in O8 last night. Al and Studio were there to donate. I tried to tell Studio how to play, but every time his nice “high” hand would have hit, he got more and more tempted to play the marginal hands. At least my read on it. He did go bust. Al was just drunk.

I promised Al I would post my super simple basic O8 pre-flop rules from the book so here they are. Believe me they are not exciting.

A2 Always play
A3 when the A is S00ted Play
A3 with 2 10+ cards Play
A with any 2 other Prime Cards Play
Any 4 cards totaling 40+ points Play
Any 4 prime cards play

Now some of these combinations are better than others, and you always want some kind of play between the other cards if you can get it. If not your going to fold a lot. Actually, your going to fold the flop a lot anyways.

The part I need to get better at is when to raise. I ended up down like .30 after a few hours. I am thinking of giving O8 a real shot to make some money and try some 3-4 tabling. Not sure how crazy that would drive me, but since I am sitting around waiting for cards most of the time anyway, it might work out.. and if I can get to like 2 BB/100 on 4 tables consistently then that would not be so bad. It seems like O8 has less action that Omaha Hi. People ram and jam every level in Omaha Hi, but O8 seems like a lot more calling and checking the low down to the river.

I did do one tool move last night I think. I raised my low on the river. I *though* I *might* have the scoop possibly, but it turns out I didn’t have the high and I quartered the low. Oh well. I am sure I did some more tool moves I am not able to see yet. Oh yeah, Merry freaking Christmas to you all.


Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Krieger wrote a great Card Player article about O/8.

Sounds similar to the strategy you're using.

7:55 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Yeah, thats the Book I am getting this from. It is cool. I have more to read/learn.. but it seems fun.

9:32 AM

Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Merry X-Mas Sir F!

4:19 PM


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