Wednesday, December 22, 2004

That's helpful

Played a quick session this morning. It was fun. Made a few bucks. I am so focused on the short term. Oh well. I officially am classifying myself as a fish. Just like when I get low on my NL table it's all or nothing. Either I am TAA or I am a fish. Period. The stats on people I respect are TAA. Especially the Blog Father. It seems to me every time I am aggressive pre-flop I get wacked. However it is probably because I do not know or look for the signs that I am beaten. How can I know that my two pair is already beaten by a higher two pair or trips? Am I supposed to just call this hand or raise it and extract my pound of flesh? If the board is 88K and I have AK, and someone is re-raising my raise, does that immediatly say he has a boat or at the very least trips? Who knew?

The other hard thing with aggression is when it backfires on you. Flop is 2A7 giving you two pair since you played the hammer. You bet, he raises with his AK, you re-raise, he caps. The turn is a nice 9. Capped again. The river is a 9 pairing the board and killing any chance your kids have for an X-Box this year (Just kidding kids, your mother did that). Hard to handle? Sometimes. Especially when it happens a few times in a row.

On another topic I took an online survey on depression for a job I am doing. I scored really high. Like severly depressed. That was depressing.


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