Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Bloggers Rule.. me.

I hate NL! I decided to play with the Bloggers again until all hours of the night. I gotta stop this. –SLEEP is bad for me. At least this time I made money, a whole 3 bucks. Whoop!

The game started off good as usual. Here is my normal night at NL. Win a bunch. Play tight. Go all in with a decent hand and get creamed, lose everything, and get pissed. Tonight was not much different. I was up and down a lot. Finally I decided I would become the table maniac. Whenever I went below 10 bucks I just went all in with any decent cards. Ace high anything. Pairs. Of course “The Hammer”. I was able to pull out wins on ALL of my ALL-IN’s. Every single one! Put a few beats on Pauly with crap. The most memorable was when he had 44, and was sick of me going all in pre-flop. So he calls me. I end up making a straight with 7-9h. Sorry Pauly!

A guy named DC was at our table. He doubled me up early too. He was a retired guy from my neck of the woods, and was very pleasant even though everyone wanted him to leave and make room for Bloggers. Ok, not everyone, he lost 5-6 buyins to the Bloggers so we lift a glass of Guiness to him! Be well DC!

I got screwed by Studio! He killed me early on. Three way pot. I have KK. Studio makes a big bet on a scary board and I fold. He shows his AQ for a pair of Queens! Why do I never make the right choices in NL? I got my revenge later when I flopped a straight and he went all in against me. Sorry Glyph!

Then the last hand of the night comes. I have 22 and limp in. The flop is Qxx. It is a few bucks to see a card, since this is my last hand I go for it. A magic two hits the turn! Damn! I am betting. Casino is raising. Rocking. Rolling. Bam! When the smoke clears I am down twenty bucks to the Hilton Sisters! Bitches!

So the pattern continues. Win a bit, lose it before I leave. Oh well. What is a limit guy to do? I guess I should be happy I got paid three bucks to have A LOT of fun! Thanks Bloggers! You Rock! Hell, I even got my BB/100 down to –22! Woo hoo!


Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

As always, it was a pleasure!

8:07 AM

Blogger Johnie said...

I've been following your blog and other poker blogs off and on for a while now. I just have a question that I haven't seen many of you discuss yet.

How much of a bankroll do you usually sit down at a limit table with (in terms of BBs) so that you can sail through the usual variance? Personally, I've found that if I sit at a pokerstars table with their default amount or less, I usually get creamed early on. I think part of the problem is with a small bankroll, you may end up going all-in with a small amount with a good hand and end up winning a very small pot.

I don't know, what do you all think?

7:14 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I aim to please my comment posters. Read this prior post. It has alot of good links in the comments, and some of the best and brightest giving there 2 cents:

Also check some other Blogs from that timeframe. I think this setoff a Bloggger posting wave about this topic.

2:22 PM


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