Thursday, December 30, 2004

DAY 4: Got rid of the family

It is day four and my wife took the kids away without me! Nice break. So here is how I am making out with it. I also have some Elance work to do but I am not yet motivated.

I won my first O8 tourney today! Woo hoo! It seems a lot easier than the ring games. I came in 2nd place which I consider a win. I played tight. Took a couple of risks and ended up with the chip lead at the end. It was up to $600 blinds and I decided to try for it with a straight draw. I missed and he had an A for two pair. Oh well.

Lost a 20/2 NL Tourney. AK Slow played and the flop was A-10-10. I decided to go for it and ended up being out kicked. Had $290 left and went all in with A9. There were 5 other people in! Nobody had an Ace, but I could not pair up. Oh well. I tried.

I had an extremely nice welcome to a 5/10 table. Dealt KK and made Straight flush over straight flush K high! I then took down the next few pots to go up $122 in 3 minutes. I really like that. I should leave while I am winning! Heh. I am going to stop gap at 200, and try and win a bunch more. UPDATE: I was up 300 bucks at one point! I played a hand really badly. Pre-flop raise. 66. The flop held two diamonds and a draw to the straight. I call the raisers bet. I am actually ahead at this point. A diamond falls. I call down 3 more bets to the river. I sort of thought I was beat but the pot had all five people in! I ended up losing to the AK flush. I decided to call it a session. A 3x profit is not too shabby. The bankroll is back around 2K. It was slightly over for a while.

The Cards Speak had a nice article that addresses the 5-10 Short table phenomenon and why it CAN be sweet. If you play tight against everyone else playing loose AND they never believe there K9 is beat you can make a lot of money quickly. It seems to be working for me for now at least. Here is to hoping the run continues. In the past week I have gotten my 5/10 short stats into positive BB/100 as well as getting my 25/NL stats there for a short period of time. While we are at BB/100 here are my stats for every level. If I had not flipped out and been a naughty boy when I started losing I could be well over 4-5K by now.

10-20 6-MAX -2.64
10-20 -15.92 (Sounds worse than it is)
3-6 2.09
2-4 .68
1-2 6-MAX 4.39
1-2 2.22
NL ($1) 56.45 (Not as good as it sounds)
.50/1 1.87
NL ($.50) -1.23
5-10 -.95
5-10 6-MAX .43

So basically it appears if you can eek out 1 to 2 BB HR you can make some money. I should probably stick to 1-2 6 MAX! heh. My 2-4 stats were much better before my downturn too. I have no desire to get them back up again. They can stay there. I am going to play 3/6 and 5/10 6-MAX. I have been making out well with the SNGs too. I want to try a few more O8 and NL ones.


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