Friday, December 31, 2004

Day 5: The Horror

Day five finds me with out supplies. My Ramen soup has been depleted. Milk Gone. I have been forced to forage at the sink for water. Perhaps I was too hasty sending the wife away. I am hungry and thirsty. What can I do? I must venture forth into the wilderness and restock my supplies. Now where did I leave my underwear? It might not be good for me to work at home.

I have successfully returned from my adventure. The Fruit Loops are replenished. I even tried to get a sticker for my car. However the “Check Engine” light was on and it is a reason for failure? Why do they not tell me these things?

Showered, full of Coke, and ready to hit the tables again! It has been a decent day. Picked up $200 in two different sessions. Lost an SNG. I went almost all in with 22244 and got beat by the rivered 44422. If I can borrow a saying: Oh the humanity! I have been checking out my stats for SNGs and I have an ROI of 170.14%. Not bad. It breaks down as 32 tourneys, 11 1st, 10 2nd, 6 3rd. Not too shabby. I should try these things some more. I especially enjoy the O8 ones.

I will see you all at the tables tonight! I am going to get some dinner and maybe do a little C# work.. maybe..


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