Thursday, December 09, 2004

Same old Crap

Well.. not a fun night last night but this is not called Oneline Poker Thoughts when I am doing well. I did go ahead and hit the Blogger tables late last night. Casino and Studio were the only ones left. Casino was going all in against me with bluffs and ended up quadrupling me up. It was a lot of fun! It really helped get those BB/100 stats down. I however had a miserable night at 3/6, and decided to play some 5/10 6-Max. I had a modest night there. I almost tripled up against a really STUPID table! 5/10 6-Max is a hard game but those guys really suck. I could have had a really good night if I avoided some runner-runner flushes and AQ vs Q8 with trip Q's and an 8 on the river! Doh! It happened twice with the same guy!!!! I however proceeded to have a bunch of it sucked back out to end up around even. Around 6AM I decide to go to sleep. Not good sir! Thanks to Studio for sweating me all night.

So I still hate swings. I hate losing. I really do not deal well with it. I still have discipline problems. I think it gets especially bad when I am near some milestone, like hitting 3K again. I tend to try and push my way over and that never works. So it’s back to $2400, down about $400 for the night. Not all that bad of a loss in 3/6. A little more than you want to do in a night. Around $180 is the standard suggestion in case anyone wants to know. I just have trouble dealing with nights like this. Oh well.

I need to get more discipline in my game big time. I am going to play again tonight. I am going to cap my loses around the $180 suggested number. I am going to stop playing at 11:30. I really need to get a good nights sleep. I also need to realize someone check-raising me usually can beat TPTK. Easier said than done.

Almost forgot. One thing I have noticed and been too lazy to do: LISTS! I am removing EVERYONE from my Buddy list. The fish are not my buddies, they are my prey. I am then going to go through my hand histories and find everyone I have made a crap load of money off and put them into a comma seperated list. I will then proceed to find these people every single night. Why should I play people who are decent? Screw that. I am going to play the people who are worse than me. I will write an Access Report to generate lists of: Fish & Calling Stations and a seperate list of Maniacs. I can then target people every night.


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I knew Access was good for something!

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