Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Little more on Aggression

The art of playing against aggressive people is a tricky one. It is a big reason why I try to be tighter and play more passive at the 5/10 6-Max tables. Last night I tried running with the aggressive people and quickly found myself down a bunch. I had two players at my table that were raising a lot of hands, calling down with nothing, and raising with nothing. It was very annoying. So I decide to play with them. Call the raises with marginal hands, call down with second pair, etc.. Re-raise them with very little in the way of a hand. Chase the Ace. Needless to say this is not the way to go at least for me. I dropped about $150 in the first hour I was at the table. I then took a deep breath and swore to myself that I would play my game. My game might not be the best strategy in the world but it works for me. You know what happened? Yeah, I went on a nice run. Got a bunch of nice flops. People calling me to the river with second pair. You get the idea. I ended the session up around $50.

Ending an abysmal night down only $60 or so. Not bad. I really could not hit anything last night as the 99 vs 53 should prove. Even though I would have preferred being up for the night I will take it. I lost 3-4 SNGs, a little at 5/10 6-Max, and really could not get much going besides the Blogger table before my big loss, and a little 1/2 6-Max to cool down with. Nights like this happen.

At least I had fun playing with Glyph, a reader, Iggs, Pauly, and a whole host of others. I think the stripper even made an appearance to take some of the 72o money off our hands. Speaking of that I made a nice pot on the Blogger table busting 72o. I had TPTK but had a feeling the all in bet was a bluff so I called and ended up winning the hand. I felt kinda bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that I'm an expert, but I've found that you're best off playing your game whatever it is. You might give up 5 pots by not calling the over-bet, but when you do get the hands, the same ones you would have played before, you'll hit it and your TPTK or trips will beat the hell out of their pair of 6's. And it'll feel good. Eventually, they'll bust out and leave...

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