Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Bad News Bears

Not too much going on. I actually did not get a chance to play at all last night. Fell asleep on the sofa and called it a night. I did get a calendar on Poker for Christmas. It has some interesting stuff. Today’s note is on how to make it into the Binion’s Horseshoe Poker Hall of Fame.

· Must have played Poker against the most competitive players in the world

I do no think the Party fish as 5/10 count.

· Has Played for High Stakes

Again I do not think 5/10 would qualify.

· Has played consistently well and has gained respect of peers.

It’s not looking any better for me is it?

· Has stood the test of time

Okay. Another 0’fer. I am trying to improve the content of my site. It sometimes gets too bogged down in “I won this” or “I lost this”. I would like some more quality posts. Stuff like Otis has. Well.. ok, that could be shooting too high. How about stuff like G-Rob? I am not proud. I will take second best. Hell maybe we can make a loveable losers group to rival the Up For Anything group. G-Rob could be our leader. Hell, I am only 5’7”, you could beat me in basketball dude! We could all sit around talking about why we suck and how Otis is such a jerk for being so gifted. Yeah, this is starting to sound good! Sort of the like the Bad News Bears of Poker. Some day when we catch our 2-outer to win the 1K Party Tourney we will know we have reached the top of our abilities and can retire with the satisfaction that we are definately second best.


Blogger Drizztdj said...

I seemed to be second best all week, where do I sign up? I'm a righthanded pitcher with a decent curveball but I bean as many batters as a strike out. Think of me as Mitch Williams only right-handed and 15 m.p.h. slower :P

6:48 AM

Blogger Maudie said...

I got that calendar for a christmas present, too!

3:32 PM


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