Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Random Thoughts..

Oh Wait.. that’s another site! My site is Online Poker Thoughts. Oh well. I am in a weird tired mood today. You know the ones where everything seems like your living it in a dream recap. Where you start imagining your co-workers doing strange and wonderful things to you. Hell I was driving in and had this thought, “I pray to God that I get a good parking spot”. I am not even sure if I believe in God so this is a weird thought. I then eyed the handicap spots and thought, “Maybe it is better to believe in Satan!”. Heh. Oh well. I did pass up the blue spots because I at least like to think I am a nice guy.

Mucho Congrats to Hdouble at the Cards Speak. He is embarking on a brand new career. I will let him tell you about it since he is a much better writer than I am. I was thinking about that while reading his wonderful post about his life change. How some people just enfold you in their stories. Instead of saying “I got a job”, they wrap it in mystique and anticipation until it seems like you are the one going on the interview.

Some day I hope to be able to write half as well as that. For now I will stick to the raw feelings of Poker. I think there is some value in this. Some sites have great writing, or excellent tips. Some days you might get that here. I think the value I add to this community is much more in the every day Joe aspect I bring. I am one of you. I am not a super-uber-poker guy who kicks ass all the time. I go through the same trials and tribulations you do. I feel your pain because I am there. I have not gotten past the deflating feeling of a bad week or the jubilance of a super session! I battle with the emotion, the discipline, the doubts of poker. If this Blog was to have a mission statement it would be to validate other players who have started on this road. I have been there. Read about it. You can improve. You can work your way up the stakes. You will have times of doubt and you will come out triumphant some day if you keep at it, keep studying, keep learning, keep paying attention.

I told you I was in a sleepy-dreamy mood. This is what you get for reading on past that. So keep up the grind and keep reading. Tomorrow I will be back to whining about my bad beats.


Blogger djw said...

That's a great approach and I think your site delivers on it's promise; an honest report of your experience and feelings on poker.

What made you think of what your site meant to readers?

1:44 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I sort of hit on it in the post, but reading the great posts of The Cards Speak, and in the past of other really good writers like Otis and Pauly, etc.. (too many to mention everyone, but it does not include G-Rob :) )
caused me to consider what the Blog meant to me and my readers, and what I really had to contribute to the community.

1:57 PM


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