Monday, January 03, 2005

Day Extra: Running luke warm

Well I got to work today and found out we had another day off. So I go back home and play Poker. Been running slowly downward for the past few days. Everything has dried up. Tourneys. 5/10. NL. Oh well. I am down to 1800 from 2K which is not too bad. I guess the epitome of my running is when I went all in with Q9 s00ted, hit my Q, and get sucked out on the river by – you guessed it, “The Hammer”. The guy spiked his 2 on the river. Oh well. I love it when these guys call me down with nothing. I am sure things will get better. I had a nice 200+ session tonight at 5/10 6-Max which was fun. I even made a little profit at 2/4 full. Anyway I hate losing but I think I am becoming a little more accepting of downturns. We shall see.


Blogger Human Head said...

Thanks for the suggestion with the CMD.exe, replacing it was actually the first thing I tried after I did a full scan--maybe I'm not as inexperienced/ignorant as I thought. Needless to say, the replace action didn't work which is why I decided just to go for the reimage. It's nice to hear from someone who I KNOW is more experienced, though, so Thanks Again!

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