Sunday, January 09, 2005

Little Slow and Tired..

Well.. been falling asleep so not as much poker. As a matter of fact I missed two days this week! What is wrong with me! Anyhow I played tonight. It was fun. Josh at Just another Fish, has started a new blog. He was a "reader" that was hesitant to start Blogging. I encouraged him to do it if he got something out of it for himself. So I guess he did. Feels like I had a baby! heh. Anyway glad to welcome him to the fold.

I have been slightly down this week. Brough the roll back up to around 1750. Down about $100 for the week. Nothing really bad happening. Just normal variance. Dealing with it well for me. Meaning I get slightly depressed and pissed off and wait for it to change. Some day I will appreciate the swings in the game. I will be Bulletproof!

I played some 5/10 6-Sided tonight. In 15 minutes I made $70 and the table broke. So I left. I decided to use it for a 10/1 O8 tourney. (3rd). I then used that for a 25/2 5K tourney. It started out aewsome and I was up to 3K about as fast as I have ever been. Like before the first break. I played like 5 hands. AQ: Trip jacks let me slowplay into the flush. AA,KK,QQ,AA: All winners. I busted out two people with one set of AA when they had JJ and Q-10. Sorry. I was then put on a very hard table and missed all my flops until I was down to 1400. I was then dealt AA again and went all in. There were the blinds, and two three hundred dollar bets in the pot. I get called by someone with 3800 left and KJ. S00ted maybe. So obviously, since it is Party, he hits his straight and I am out. I even hit my trips! Lol. I should have missed them! Cry me a river. Right? Next time.

I needed to blow off a little steam after that and went to a semi-blogger table. Alli was there for a little until she passed out. Josh and Glyph were there also. Not too bad. I ended up at least winning my buyin back and then some. A nice $35-$40 buck profit. I made most of it one some really bad plays. A guy flops trip 2's, and only bets one dollar into me. I call, hit my flush, check, and then he decided to go all in! What a nutjob. He should have gone all in on the flop and then I would have had a decision to make. Either that or he should have had the boat. lol.

The other moron I played tonight see's someone bet three bucks. He raised to five. I have AA and so I raise to 8. First guy folds so it is heads up. He calls. The flop is some 10-4-6 garbage. I go all in. He thinks. Calls. Shows his KK and is a looooooser. Oh well. Pretty good night overall. I guess his call with KK was not too bad. It was 30 bucks or so to go though. TPTK is not something to call for thirty bucks if you ask me. Of course I probably should not have bet it either.. oh well..

My football picks were a disaster. Did you see those games? Man! I guess thats why they play and do not just give the trophy to the Patriots! Oh well. I will post my next set of bets not to make sometime during the week. It is going to be an interesting playoffs with 3 of 4 wildcards advancing. I am happy that we are playing Indy. I know there good. But we know them well and have a 5 game winning streak against them. Here is hoping for number six!


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Have you had to loosen your starting hand requirements much on the 6-seat tables? I've tried some on the micros, but I can't seem to get enough playable hands to stay ahead of the rake. Of course, it might just be because premium hands have no value at tables where everyone stays despite raises and re-raises - lots of suck-outs when the big bet isonly .20 or .50 a pop. Any strategy tips?


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