Saturday, January 01, 2005

Poker Pay Day

Well I ended up cashing out $350 for my first Poker Payday. Not a bad start. Brings my bankroll back down to 2K, but it is in much better shape than it was a week ago. I am happy about how it is working out.

I got some pretty bad beats in some SNGs today. I had AK and A7 spiked the river on me. Happens. I also had AJ and AQ beat me on an AAx board. He actually turned the Q on the turn.

I have been doing well in O8 SNGs. These things are a crap shoot. However you can easily give yourself a chance simply by waiting until the blinds get high to start betting hard. It is sort of the same principle as not steeling blinds in NL until it is worth it. Just play good hands. People stay in long enough in split games that you wont have to worry about the blinds. Around about level four I look to start making some moves. I wait for good hands, but I am looking to knock people out now. If I do not have a good scooping hand I will wait and let everyone else fight it out. O8 is such a long game that waiting for the blinds to get crazy is a great strategy for these SNGs. I have tried six so far and placed 1,2,3,2,3,out. Not a huge sample size but it seems like it is working so far.


Blogger Human Head said...

Good to see your b/r is getting healthy again. Nice way to begin the New Year.

7:40 AM


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