Thursday, January 13, 2005

Treading Water

Last night was very unfulfilling. I did however get on the kind of table I loved and ended up doubling my buyin and then some at the 5/10 6-MAX. Unfortunately this just brought me up a few bucks for the night. I had a few of my favorite characters at the table.

I had Mr. Your Bluffing And I Am Going To See Every Hand To The River. I love these guys. We call them calling stations for a reason. Be careful if they raise. However any pair they make will guarantee they see it to the river, or any Ace they have in their hand because it could pair up. Never mind that there is a flush and a straight on the board.

A brief appearance was also made by Mr. I am going to lose as much money as quickly as I can. You know the type. Maniacs that bet/raise everything. Not even a pair? That is ok! Check-Raise? Ok. I am going to re-raise with 3rd pair! I mean who would not fold against that! I ended up taking two very nice pots from this one. Once I had TRIPS and he was ramming and I was jamming. The other time I had a pair of queens. I saw an Ace on the flop. I bet he raised. It did not feel right to me though so I check-called all the way to the river and made a nice pot.

I saw some good players come to my table too. Someone who “set the table” for the game. I think he was doing this although I could be wrong. He gets to our table and immediately raises the first hand. He shows down to the river and flips up something like 89o. He does this a couple more times. He then slows down a little, and his next raise is with AKo, and nobody believes his pre-flop raise, so he takes a nice pot. I being a good doobie stayed out of most of that. I really think he was a good player. Aggressive. Showing down bad stuff ever once in a while. Really good. He was up a few hundred by the time I decided to leave.

Besides the 5/10 tables I decided to play a few tourneys with mixed results. On the good side I placed 2nd twice. One time I was HU with a VERY good aggressive player at the end. I was short stack but the blinds were so high we just kept fighting back and forth. Every hand was either all in or fold. Every time I thought I had him he snuck away, and the same with me. Finally he gets me in the end by catching his six on the river. Oh well.

I got extremely lucky twice. I had 10-10 both times and I was all in vs KK. I spiked my 10 both times and ended up with a nice sized pot. Both of those are the games I ended up finishing second in too. Hmm. Interesting.

I was too impatient at 25/NL tonight and dropped two buyins there. Some nights it doesn’t pay to play. I also was very distracted towards the end as my 5/10 stack was approaching $600. It never made it there but I was hoping.

So all in all I feel pretty much like I am stuck in a rut. I have not had a good run for a while with the exception of the week I took off. I am hoping to get another good run at the 5/10 tables and get the bankroll to where I can feel comfortable playing them. I am at least $300 short of that and probably more like $1300 or more. I really think 5/10 short requires more than 300BB to keep comfortable with the swings. So why do I keep playing it? I dunno. It is just so damn juicy!


Blogger djw said...

I agree with having 300BB for the $5/$10, especially since you are playing the short-handed tables (6 max). I think you will take much larger swings at those tables since you have to relax your starting hand requirements somewhat, and they are usually far more aggressive than full tables.

Even though you feel like you are in a rut, you aren't doing too badly and last night you turned around a profit - that doesn't sound like too bad of a rut to me! =)

Also, from the way you described your $5/$10 game, it seems to me you are playing pretty well. You had correctly defined some of the players at your table, and took advantage of what you saw. Doubling your session bankroll is a Good Thing (tm).

Anyhow, keep playing well and you should see the result you are looking for.

7:51 AM

Blogger Human Head said...

I love the 6-max adventures. Keep 'em coming!

6:14 PM


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