Friday, January 14, 2005

The Winds of Tourney Victory?

I am not the type of person to usually wax poetic about the sun, the moon, the stars, the pretty sunset. One exception to this is the wind. I love the wind! When I was a kid I used to control the wind with my mind. Ok, So I was a weird kid. Either that or I had mad powers and have forgotten how to use them. Today is a wicked windy day as we here in the Boston area say. The cold front has moved out and the warm front is coming in like a Banshee. It is Boston however and by Sunday we will be back to below freezing for Payton.

No Poker last night. I decided to catch up on sleep after two days of pressing while behind and catching up by 3AM. I think Glyph was laughing at me when I told him I needed to catch 3 hours sleep to function.

Tonight will be Poker. Glorious Poker! I am going to play in some kind of Tourney tonight for sure. I am going to try and hit the tables around 8AM. See if I can make a quick hundred playing either 5/10 short or a 20/2 tourney. If that works out I am going to see about entering the 200K Friday night tourney. If not I guess I will try the 5K again. Saturday and Sunday should be Football! I cannot wait! Whatever the outcome the Pats vs. Indy should be a great game! The Falcons came should be a close one too. I think the other two are going to be blowouts but you have seen how good my predictions are!

I almost forgot! Its decision time again. The Polo Shirt or an Entry into a WSOP qualifier. Last time I lost the Porche on a bad play by my opponent! I am not sure how many WSOP entries they are giving out either. If it is only one then I might be better off with the shirt since I have yet to place first even in a baby tourney. Although it is free! I make 2000 VIP points about once a month so it is not a huge deal spending them. However if the tourney pays out 4-5 place then I might have a shot!


Blogger BSN said...

Hey, I was going to e-mail this privately but didn't see an e-mail link in the blog:

I know I beg people to join AP too much, but you really ought to give it a try if you want to get a WSOP entry. Way fishy. You can probably find the 35% bonus at their site if you don't want to go through me. Tons a freerolls, too, which are great for polishing those tourney skills. I played a $2 supersatellite last evening. For every 54 entrants, 1 slot was given to the $100 main satellite for the WSOP entry. 1 slot for every 110 entries at that one.

The $2 satellite only had 149 people in it. While that only meant 2 slots, it also meant there wasn't a lot of competition - I didn't have to weed through 1400 jokers to get at the 100 people that it really pays to play.

Anyway, just a suggestion, and you don't have to go through me.


PS: I mostly just make those 'affiliate-whore' cracks about myself to make lame jokes. I just wanted offer AP up as a less-crowded alternative to PP for WSOP sats.

7:15 AM

Blogger djw said...

I say go for the WSOP entry. You can always ask Empire nicely and I'm sure they would give you a free hat/polo shirt.

Trying to qualify for the WSOP or any other large tournament is a rush! It takes you away from the everyday grind of low limit poker, and gets your addrenaline rushing again as you try to qualify!

Imagine how great you would feel winning an entry into the WSOP, or actually being there!

I would expost a trip report on your blog of course. ;D

8:15 AM

Blogger djw said...

Er, 'I would expect', not 'I would expost'. =)

8:15 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

This is Online Poker Thougts, we do not expect good speeling. heh. If I win an entry to the WSOP they will probably force me to wear a hat and a shirt! Two birds with one stone!

8:55 AM

Blogger April said...

WSOP. No question. If you want a freakin shirt that badly, we'll get you one. (Suddenly, Empire gets 100 e-mails from poker bloggers....)

Oh, and get those wind powers working again, OK? Payton needs a knock off that pedestal...

10:04 AM


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