Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The good: I survived 2000 other players.
The Bad: I made no money
The Ugly: I went all in with 77 and lost

I was in late position in a freeroll on Party. Poker Geek had abandoned me to my fate, and I was left with Texas. I had 1600 chips and the blinds were 75/150. There was about 1K in the pot from limpers. I decide to try and take it all. One nagging though in the back of my mind: The 9K stack limped in and will possibly call me. Everyone folds. The big stack calls me like he should after going into the tank forever. FOLD YOU BASTARD! We flip our cards and he shows KQ to my small pair. I am ahead. Not way ahead. But ahead. Six outs. BAM! King on the flop and no help afterwards. Sir goes down in flames.

I do not think this was a horrible play. Bad maybe. If the Geek had finished his tourney lessons than maybe I woulda figured out what to do. I only downloaded 3/4ths of his vast knowledge. If I could change one thing about this move, I think I might have bet ½ my stack and seen the flop. If it was a non-scary flop I could have bet all in there. If it was scary I could decide if I wanted to bluff, fold, or go all in.

So.. whadda ya do? Whadda ya do? Join another freeroll of course! Dummy!

The good: I am out of Party Poker Points
The Bad: I am out of Party Poker Points
The Ugly: AA loses to K3o!

Well this is starting well. AA. I bet 3xBB. 2 Callers. Flop K3x. I bet. Someone raises me. I cold call. One folds. He bets 200 on the turn. I call. He checks the river. I check because I feel something. He shows k3o for the win.

Oh well, K3o man is out. Another AA got cracked by 44 too. So I don’t feel so bad. I think the Poker Gods are mad at me for using G+. I have sworn off of it!! Take me back Poker Gods! I will live in superstitious ignorance! Please take me back!

Well.. back to crappy cards. Cool. Cannot lose too much with those. Well maybe I can. Oh wow! JJ. I get raised in front of me, and so I re-raise to 3xBB. I get 7 callers. Yikes! The flop is KQ9 and I am sooo confused I check, and then raise, and nobody folds. A Q hits the turn. So I have 380 left. I can either bluff it all (it is still early), check, or fold. I am sooooo confused.

Lost everything except 75 on 33. Probably shoulda gone all in pre-flop before Q4 hit his trips. Bah again! Went all in with 9’s. Bah again! Guy after me has QQ. I beat KJ though if that’s any consolation.

Oh well. Now I am out of Party Points and money so I am stuck with Poker Stars Freerolls? At least Texas now believes me that the Poker Gods hate me, although Poker Geek is skeptical. Well I only outlasted half the field this time. Not very impressive. That JJ move was bad, and the AA loss to K3o kind of put me in a bad position. If I played the JJ stronger maybe I take that pot and I am talking about a better finish at least.


Blogger Buffalo66 said...

Bet365.com is a Prima skin that has 1-2 1K freerolls every day, no raked hands requirement. They also have a 5K every Saturday, about 1pm (the other Prima sites don't offer it). They are beatable, I have cashed in them about 1 of every 4 tries. A lot of sitouts, usually into the money before the 2nd break. Good luck!

12:09 PM

Blogger Slayre said...

Party has freerolls?

8:20 AM


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