Monday, February 14, 2005

Poker Geeks Triumph!

I got to watch an amazing performance from Poker Geek this weekend. Those that can do watch, right? He was fearless. It was very interesting. I would have liked to see how he started the tourney. I started watching with April frum TEXAS and the Geeks girlfriend when there were like a hundred left or so. The Geeks gf was very cool. I asked her what her hand was doing in the picture on his site, and she didn’t even smack me! Heh. Now geek is another story! April tried to keep me in check but sometimes..

So anyway the thing I saw the geek do over and over again that was cool was being willing to risk half his stack on pure bluff blind steals. I saw him put over 100K of his 200K into the Pot with Ace high nothing! It burned him a couple of times but over and over again he was able to survive and build his stack up. He was willing to put his money in on a bluff when he sensed weakness and willing to walk away from a ton of money when he sensed strength. It was truly a magnificent performance. I am sure he wrote a much better write up, but it really showed me a lot about NL tourneys. I was disappointed by his finishing 3rd. He kept saying looser things like “Hey, I made 500 bucks”. I tried to keep him focused on the goal! I guess 3rd is alright but I had much higher goals for him! Heh.

He was the chip leader and went all in with 92o after losing a bunch on another bluff. Unfortunately AKo called him and nobody improved. I do think when you’re down to three you need to slow it down a little. Any high card is fine, but 92o! However since I would have never made it as far as he did I concede that maybe he did the right thing. Either that or he got bored of my incessant chatter and decided 2K was enough and decided to call it a night. Anyway congrats man! It was fun to live vicariously through you.


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