Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Slow and Steady wins the race...

The way my night started I thought I was going to lose a lot of money. In my first two hands I got my ass handed to me for 14 bucks on a weird 10-8 straight vs my J-10, and a floosh vs my straight. However the night would turn around after I got into a fight with one guy. He had A9, and the flop is AAx. Another guy re-raises his bet of four bucks by another four, and folds to another re-raise. This guy just goes off and berates the guy for making that kind of play with a pair of sevens. I told him to shut his pie hole, and that I hoped his A9 got creamed by AJ. It never happened, but when I left he was a lot less up than when I came.

My whole night was basically made on AA. It was vs the chaser who caught his straight against me. He was chasing again. Gutshot straight draw to be exact. I was kind of scared he had hit two pair but I was good.

The only other hand besides a few pot steals was AK vs AA limping. I totally could not put this guy on AA because he limped. I raised two bucks, and he cold called. The flop is a nice Kxx where x is a card lower than 7. So I do my usual pot sized bet to go ahead and take it down. Four bucks and he is going to fold like a blanket. Raise. Four bucks. Umm. I did not see that coming. So I already have one foot in the hen house and I call him. Is this a bad call? Not sure. I put him on possibly two pair. The turn brings me another K. YES! I have the nutz. Unless he has KK. So I decide to see what he is willing to call. I put out a five dollar bet. He cold calls. So I do it again on the river. He calls again. I say, “What the hell did you play? 45o? Serves you right for calling my raise!”. I then check the history and it is AA!!!!!?!?!? DO NOT SLOW PLAY AA! I actually saw AA busted several times tonight. So on my second to last orbit I get AQ s000ted and the guy in front of me bets half his stack. I decide to fold. He turns over JJ. So next hand I get AA. He has 13.06 left, it is my last orbit, and 6-7 people have limped and one guy raised a buck. So what the hell, I raise exactly 13.06, which is JJ’s entire stack. He actually folded. The guy next to me contemplated calling me with JJ but decided not to.

So solid play at the 50/NL table nets me twelve bucks for the night. I am not complaining. Since I started out fourteen down. Next time I am not calling a pot sized seven dollar bet on the river with a floosh staring me down. Almost cracked $500 tonight too. Woo Hoo! One more solid session and I will be there. I think my NL game is coming along. As long as I keep the wild child in check I should do alright.


Blogger April said...

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12:55 AM

Blogger April said...

As long as I keep the wild child in check I should do alright.

Baby, you have no idea. Here's hoping you're better at reining in yours than I am with mine. Congrats on your night.

12:57 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Glad to hear Sir Waffle is doing well :)

5:49 AM

Blogger skitch said...

Ummm... if you have AK, a K flops, another K turns... the only way your opponent has KK is if they were s00ted. Make sure you get a screenshot of that showdown and turn it into the authorities!!!

BTW, why do they call you Waffle when the F comes before the W? Sounds more like Elmer Fudd trying to call you Sir Fraggle. No wonder they say the American Education system is going down the drain! :)

10:35 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I beleive, and I could be wrong, it is because of my waffle-ing skills in Poker, up one day and happy, down the next and sad? I dunno. Just a guess.

Oh yeah, see why I dont make money at NL, I think there are 5 Kings in the deck waiting to get me.. always another King around the corner.. lol. I must have been tired when I wrote this.

10:42 AM


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