Monday, March 14, 2005

Dr. Pauly Robs me Blind

It was a mixed night. On Party I have been logging little scores. Doing well. I have not hit many monsters so I have been making half a buyin every night. Creeping the stack up. It is nice to see some progress.

I then pop over to full tilt. I think I played a GREAT game except for one play. I basically gave Pauly most of my money with QQ vs KK. After the flop. Not good! If I ever become consistent I will be dangerous. At least it was a blogger!

I then took my remaining 4.50 and declared to the table I was going all in with any good hand I have until I made it back to $20. I proceeded to go all in so many times that I finally was getting calls. Of course I was not being totally stupid. I had decent starting hands with my all in. I doubled up with a pair, and then got AK. I had eleven bucks by now and went all in. The hairy eyebrow lady calls me and flips over K-10o. Nobody hits anything and I am back to normal play. You know, only all in when I actually have the losing hand on the flop.

So I ended my night at Full Tilt with $26. It was fun. Aeq and Pauly were there as well as Maudie and Glyph and even a reader! The most fun move of the night was when I bet $2 pre-flop and got 4 callers. I had THE HAMMER! The flop was Kxx and I was determined to take this pot, because THE HAMMER will not be denied! I got everyone to fold even though it was close. I love it when a bluff works! Hell, I had outs too, there was a 2 on the board! It just goes to show it’s not what cards you have; it is what cards your opponent has and thinks you have. One other thing this night shows is one wrong All-In call and you are spending the rest of your night rebuilding your stack.

Off to the funeral in the morning. Should be fun.


Blogger High Plains Drifter said...

Sorry for not properly introducing myself before I started yammering at your table.

I was there for the hammer'ing, and it was gooood.

5:28 PM


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