Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sir South Park

Apparently I read April’s Blog for good reason.

Presenting SirSouthPark



Here is how this whole South Park thing started:

April: http://www.thisisApril.com/archives/000120.html
SirFWALGMan: im gonna get in so much trouble
April: lol
April: why?
SirFWALGMan: just wondering, I tried learning some German for a hot chick. Easiest language.
SirFWALGMan: I cant make SP charectors at WORK!
April: lol
April: but it's your birthday
April: LMAO

I guess that Black Crow of impending doom is good for something or other. At least she listens to my stories:

[23:48] SirFWALGMan: wanna hear my night
[23:49] April: of course
[23:49] SirFWALGMan: I spent 6 hours trying to get home
[23:49] April: why?
[23:49] SirFWALGMan: Ok.. So my left Winshield Blade is a little loose or broken.. for a few weeks..
[23:49] SirFWALGMan: so Im going to work today, and it flies off totally. No Big deal, right?
[23:49] SirFWALGMan: So it starts snowing in the afternoon after being 52 this morning.
[23:50] April: wow
[23:50] April: i thought we had weather changes
[23:50] SirFWALGMan: Ok, So I go to the Gas Station to get a new blade.
[23:50] SirFWALGMan: So I try and put it on and cant figure it out. I do software. Not hardware.
[23:50] April: lol
[23:50] SirFWALGMan: So I decide to try and drive home.
[23:50] SirFWALGMan: Half way there I cannot see.
[23:51] SirFWALGMan: So I pull over and call AAA
[23:51] SirFWALGMan: and I wait
[23:51] SirFWALGMan: for two hours
[23:51] SirFWALGMan: until I am tired of waiting
[23:51] SirFWALGMan: and almost getting killed by maniac cars
[23:51] SirFWALGMan: So I drive to the next exit somehow and pull off in a Barnes and Nobel
[23:51] SirFWALGMan: I ask the guy when the store closes
[23:52] SirFWALGMan: 11PM
[23:52] SirFWALGMan: ok, SO I call AAA again. Oh, we missed you.
[23:52] SirFWALGMan: Thanks.
[23:52] SirFWALGMan: Are you warm? Why yes thank you.
[23:52] April: lolo
[23:52] SirFWALGMan: Ok, When does the store close.
[23:52] SirFWALGMan: 11:00
[23:52] SirFWALGMan: Ok. We will be there by then
[23:52] SirFWALGMan: ummmm.. ok
[23:52] SirFWALGMan: So I read some X-men comics and 10:00 rolls around
[23:53] SirFWALGMan: Sorry Sir we are closing
[23:53] SirFWALGMan: ummm.. but the doofus at the counter said 11.
[23:53] SirFWALGMan: Sorry Sir we are closing
[23:53] April: omg you are so my husband
[23:53] SirFWALGMan: So they kick me out into a blizzard
[23:53] SirFWALGMan: I go to start my car
[23:53] SirFWALGMan: and the battery is dead
[23:53] April: did you get Starbucks at least?
[23:53] April: OMG
[23:53] SirFWALGMan: I hate coffee
[23:53] April: hot chocolate?
[23:54] SirFWALGMan: So I sit in my care shivering for 10 minutes until the tow truck comes
[23:54] April: awwww....poor baby
[23:54] SirFWALGMan: He gets the Battery thing fixed. I have heat now.
[23:54] SirFWALGMan: Aewsome.
[23:54] SirFWALGMan: He can not fix the windshield whiper
[23:54] April: LOL
[23:54] SirFWALGMan: He says "Why dont you just drive home, keep your heater on high, and you will be fine"
[23:54] SirFWALGMan: So I am driving home. AAA calls me.
[23:55] SirFWALGMan: Did he tow you?
[23:55] SirFWALGMan: No, he never asked
[23:55] SirFWALGMan: Instead he wanted me to risk my life driving home in a blizzard with no windhield wiper, but thanks for asking.
[23:55] April: lol
[23:55] SirFWALGMan: So I finally get home
[23:56] SirFWALGMan: Wife, "What the hell!!! I can not beleive you did this!! The kids wanted to have cake with you!!!"
[23:56] SirFWALGMan: And you wonder why I play so much poker..
[23:57] April: awwwww
[23:57] April: i'm sorry baby
[23:58] SirFWALGMan: "Happy Birthday!"


Oh and the Poker Park of Online Poker Thoughts. I broke my rule again tonight. Doh! I did win. My AA vs HIS QQ! Maggot! So that was cool. I also placed 2nd in an SNG. Was fun. So ended up $21 for the night. Getting rich now!


Blogger Human Head said...

That sucks dude, sorry that happened to you. The story was funny though, so I guess it's not all bad :)

5:55 AM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Hey man,

Happy birthday!

How was the cake? :)

8:47 AM

Blogger Aequitas58 said...

I really hope that cartoon doesn't look anything like you. Hah. And what's this about not being able to change a windshield wiper blade?

Just because I have pity on you:

Enjoy it... and see you at the tables.

11:41 AM

Blogger laceratedsky said...

You should have made the AAA person stay on the phone with you the whole way home. Tell them that you're afraid of crashing and you figure it's the least they can do since they wouldn't tow your car home.

You should have gone to one of those auto parts stores that would have installed the wiper blade for you man.

12:51 PM


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