Monday, March 14, 2005


Well I ended the HORSE tourney with a dismal 80th place finish. The blinds went up really fast and I got beat up bad in the Stud and Razz games when either the river made someone a better low, or I chased a little too far. I definitely need some more practice in those games. I was really bumming after that tourney. I really thought I might do a little better. At least I beat Poker Nerd and Texas! Heh. My Arch Nemesis The Venetian survived past me also though! One high point of the game was when I was actually AHEAD of Felicia in the standings! It did not last long but it was most excellent.

I then went to Party and had a solid little game. I brought the roll there up a little. I then for some reason went back to Full Tilt. I knew I should leave. Do you ever get that feeling playing NL that you do not want to be patient? Like and anxious little gnawing in your chest. Every time I feel that I know I am going to have a bad session. I absolutely did this time. I was actually back to even at one point after several stupid plays but I went out with 10-10 vs AA and no help. I even knew the guy had AA. Like I said though, I was in a destructive mood. So I lost a buyin and the world tilted for a night. I will go get them tomorrow. There are some absolutely horrible players at Full Tilt.

I so love my Angry Monkey Avatar at Full Tilt. I am searching the net for replacement avatars though. Has anyone seen any good ones? All they are is 100x100 roughly JPG images. I am sure there must be some creative art out there.

So to sum up the night: I am still trying to find my peaceful center in Poker. Some nights I am there and others I am not. I think external pressures and issues effect this sometimes. One of these days I promise I will internalize all of this knowledge of Poker and become the player I should be. Either that or bust out again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know within 5 hands of a game if I'm going to be successful for the game. Yet, I still play if I'm not going to win. I really don't go on TILT, I just sort of leak..



2:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm the Angry Monkey. At least until Full Tilt finally get a damn PENGUIN

8:52 PM


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