Thursday, March 10, 2005


Consistency. I am still struggling with it. That is going to be my main issue in NL. I am not sure if I am being too hard on myself or what. However there were a few times last night when I screwed up. One was when I had AA. I get bet into before the flop for a normal $2 bet. Nobody else is in the hand so I raise to $5. I get cold called. The flop is 9-10-9. Now I am figuring I am probably good here. So I go WAYYYYYYY overboard and go all in. Bad move. We flip and it is AA vs 10-10 for the loss. I really think my all-in rule is good, even though ½ the time I win against a smaller pair and ½ I lose against a set or boat or two pair.

I like the way I played my AA on one hand last night. I raise pre-flop to $2. Get a caller. 457 flop. I bet out the pot and get a quick call. The turn is a 7. I decide NOT to go all in, instead I make a smaller bet of $2. The river was no help and it was checked to me so I just checked to see if I was beat. It turns out that it was 45 vs AA and the guy flopped two pair. However the turn seven helped me out a lot and I ended up taking a decent pot.

One other thing I have been toying with is the initial bet on my good hands. I know you are supposed to go 4xBB but playing 25/NL it is IMPOSSIBLE to make anyone fold to a dollar bet. I mean cmon people, if you are going to call a $2 bet with 45 then $1 I am going to get 10 callers. No question. So I am currently raising 8xBB in the 25/NL games.

One more other thing. If you play NL go and read DoubleAs post. It is really good. Reading his prior post about his live game, I have to assume he uses different techniques in his higher stakes game. However the Basic Strategy post is excellent and gives a lot to think about.

Last thing I promise. I just got the coolest hit from Google: Poker Baby Jesus Cry! YES! I rock!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stick to the slots, buddy.

3:02 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I love when people leave their names.. lol.

8:57 PM


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