Sunday, April 03, 2005


Well.. After a week of getting crushed in NL, I finally had a night to remember. A 5 buyin day! Woo hoo! I got the best matchups. I even folded a boat! Damn I was on my game!!! The Boat fold. I had 73. In the blind. The flop is 87x. I check. It checks around. The turn is a 7. Aight! I am goooooood! Small bet. I call. The river is a K. I bet and expect to take it. My opponent raises to five. Oh yeah, I raise to ten! He re-raises me to 15!!! Bastard! I reach for the all in button. Then my brain kicks in. Why does he keep raising me? He must think he has a good hand.. and my boat is the lowest one. So I back off the all in button and just call. Yup! 87 Boat! Dammit! Hey though.. I did goot!

So then someone goes all in against me with KQ on a Kxx flop. Jesus! What was he thinking! I did raise pre-flop. So what if I bet 3/4 on the flop. jeeeez. Ok. That was nice. But it was just an appetiser. I have K9 spades. I limp in. The flop is Qxx two spadez, so I do "The Move". You know the one.. bet a four floosh with nothing, and hide the floosh. So I get a caller. The turn is a spade. So I check. The caller bets twenty five! Ha Ha! I raise to fifty! He calls. The river is an x. Not a spade. I bet out fifty and he calls with his overplayed AA! HA! Doofus.

So things are pretty cool. The MTTs are weak. I went all in except 97 bucks in a Stud Tourney. I was down to 80 left. Fifty paid. Then I hit fold by accident. Doh! I think I might have won.. *sigh*.

I got creamed with KK vs 99, and JJ vs 9T. Hit s a 9 on the flop. Goes all in, and then catches a runner runner floosh! Dammit! I also went out in 100th or so in an NL MTT. I had J8 diamonds. Two diamond flop. I bet 2K. I hit an 8 on the turn. Bet the remaining 5K I had left. I know, kinda weak. I spike a diamond on the river. However A2 diamonds was willing to put 8K of chips in on his draw to beat my diamond draw. The pair of 8's would have been good. DAMN!

Tomorrow is the DSS thing. I am moving out of the hotel tomorrow morning. I will then either be going home or hanging with my co-worker in Upton. Really far away. However I get a ride, food, and a place to stay. Hope I get to go home.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Good luck tomorrow!

1:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck man. Let us know how it went.


3:16 PM

Anonymous Grunkzzz said...

Hey dude its ok to be sad, nobody can be happy all the time. If I was you I would divorce my wife. Just because your sad now doesn't mean you won't be happy in 6 months or a year or whatever. Just tough it out try not to do anything stupid. Don't sign any papers you don't know exactly what they are make sure you get a decent lawyer. Quit drinking and playing poker so much. Get a less expensive habits untill you get another well paying job. Don't be like my Dad who is a gambling addict. Also don't let all these negatives things push you into becoming an alcoholic.

9:23 PM


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