Monday, May 16, 2005

Full Tilt

Well the battle continues on Party. I am winning. I finally got over the 1 buyin mark of winning. So now I have a 3 buyin cushion. Anyway, instead of boring you, I am feeling kind of frisky tonight so I will ask a general, controversial question about Full Tilt. I know certain members of the team frequent here infrequently so here goes:

Is full Tilt trying to corrupt a generation of young children with their poker icons? BWAHAHAHA! I am starting trouble. Ok. So it is only a half serious question but here is the background. I am playing some play money hands on FT and my son walks by “HEY COOL! Which one are you!!!! The MONKEY or the SHARK! Can I play!!! I WANNA BE THE SHARK!”. It takes me a half hour to explain that this IS NOT A GAME! I mean can you imagine the conversation:

“This is not a game”
“Because it is for money”
“Monopoly has money”
“That is play money”
“Well those chips do not look real”
“Well they are not but you can cash them in for real money”
“This is not a game”

So I am passing the pain on. Will Full Tilt ever run into Joe Camel type legal issues? If online gambling becomes legal will this hamper them in any way? Will Bush go on a rampage and bomb India to remove the corrupt, un-christian, Full Tilt scourge! Just thought this might be an interesting question. I actually love Full Tilt and I am 82.5% sure they are not marketing to children. That nagging 17.5% though..


Blogger April said...

Make sure the kid uses my affiliate link too. ;)

12:06 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Helloooooooooooooo Nurse!

Love my icon at FT.

7:04 AM

Blogger Shelly said...

I've never gotten the impression that FTP was gunning for children - all of their TV ads are aimed at poker players, to "learn from the pro's." Just because they have non-human avatars... all of the poker sites use cartoons to represent players. But, I'm sure there are kids playing, simply because kids are computer savvy, and all of the sites offer "free" play. I've even read in the paper about parents allowing their kids to use their credit cards to play online, with a weekly "allowance." Now, THAT, I think, is crossing the line. I'm all for the pro's of teaching kids poker skills (money management, math and statistics, the art of human observation), but online poker - in the absence of observable feedback from your opponents (aside from pure pattern recognition) - is much more like gambling than live poker. I don't think I'd encourage my kids to play online poker at all... until they're out from under my roof!! LOL

7:45 AM

Blogger Mourn said...

I was playing Fullt Tilt when my four-year-old daughter asked me "Daddy, are you the shark?". I had to pretend I was to avoid explaining to her why I was the nurse.

10:20 AM

Blogger April said...

Mourn, no one would confuse you for a shark.


11:31 AM

Blogger BadBlood said...

Just the other day miniBlood asked if he could play on Full Tilt instead. All the cool kids in his pre-school class play there and said Party was for lamers.

2:31 PM


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