Saturday, May 07, 2005

Stud MTT and SNG

Played in the 10/1 Stud MTT. If you like stud these MTTs are fun. I think first place is usually about 1K. However I only made like 33rd place for a grand total win of 11 bucks. Which I am now pissing away on an SNG. I do not know why I never win these SNGs. Oh well. I got reamed bad on a hand I was sorta bluffing. I raise with an A door card and one guy calls me. I bet 4th street, he raises, I re-raise, he goes all in. He has nothing. Well, neither do I but he ends up hitting a Q and I do not improve. Next hand I went out with JJ vs AK getting his K. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do. I had fun anyways.

Hey what the hell. I actually won one of these SNGs. Cool. Of course on my cash table I dropped my winnings by playing trip 9’s vs Quad J’s. Ah well.


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