Sunday, May 15, 2005


Did the soccer thing today. Nothing like that heart attack feeling in your chest chasing around your six year old. The upside was he did really well. I think I might have taught him something. He ended up having a nice cut up the field move he used in his game. Kick it around me with the left foot, when I stuble trying to turn around, run up field and score. Very nice. It was fun seeing him do that to a few of the evil Purple Team. He did not score but he played well.

What kind of freaking town have I moved to anyways. People come and play soccer with there kids in Gucci loafers and kacki's. HELLO! I feel so much like sticking my foot out when you run by. I resist.

Poker day one was good. Single table. .25/.50. I ended up a whole nine bucks in an hours worth of play. Not bad. The hands of note were K6 hitting MY second pair on the turn against K7. Very funny. I even raised the turn but he thought his K7 was good. Folded alot of QJo's and crap like that I think I had gotten into the habit of playing. I am being very serious when I say if SSHE does not say to play it I am not. The only other hand of note was when my T4o stood up against three people. I was LMAO when all the small cards kept coming and the other three people kept calling. I halfway though someone had slow played Aces or something but I was good.

A ten high is a tricky hand to play. Your basically hoping everyone folds to your flop bet. If any card J or higher hits you really can not continue with any certainty. I was lucky that small cards kept falling.

I think I may have figured out what went wrong with my game. I think when my wife took my TV out of here I had nothing to distract me between hands. Not good. Makes me want to play more. So I think I need a TV in here.

Foxwoods is still on for this weekend, although my buddy John might bail out. Idddiiiot. I did this thing with you in mind. We planed a month ahead. What is your problems? I swear if he cancels I am going to kick his ass. I will still be going with another friend though.


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Kick his ass anyway. I bet he deserves it.

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