Wednesday, May 11, 2005

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I think quitting poker, or cutting back, is a good thing. I definitely was playing too much. Getting too wrapped up in the whole thing. I really thought it would be a nice, easy, way to make some money. I mean why wouldn’t I? I spent the first five months of my “poker career” basically avoiding variance. Imaging my surprise when it came back with a vengeance. I mean I absolutely hit barely any variance in my first run to 3K. Looking back it is really amazing. I am not sure if my style of play has changed to a more variance prone style or what. I really want to think about this. Is the optimal style of play weak passive? Bet when you have a hand, raise when you have the nuts, check-call when your almost positive your good. Fold everything else. I think it makes for lower variance, slower growth. Anyways.. I will have some time to analyze.

The next poker action I see will be a live game the 21st at Foxwoods. Until then posting will be slower. I might try a freeroll or so before then. Who knows. If I do hit the tables again I want it to be a small hobby. Something to do on a Friday night for a few bucks and some enjoyment. I have given up the idea that I can make money playing poker. Right now it is not true and is not going to be my focus. I will leave the money making to the Iggy, Felicia and Otis’s of the world. The other thing I will be doing is Bad Bloods assignment. I might as well go to the WSOP if I am not playing poker, if that makes any sense at all.

I thank everyone for their comments. The best thing about poker so far has been the great people I have met. Felicia, keep being honest, it suits you. I am one of the few people in the world that takes things like that pretty well. Thanks to the Glyphs, Aeq’s, Chief Big Tokes and Texas’s of the world who have watched me play this game. It is always fun. The blogger tables were the best. Especially when I had a huge bankroll. They were fun as hell. Teasing Iggy about his “tell”, heh. Sucking out on people. Just playing the game for the fun of it was great. I could mention everyone’s name here but it would get boring fast. Ok wtf: paulyDAbadbloodGOBERUDEhellaANIsoopahDRIZmournDUGGLEal.. ok, my brain doesn’t work well, I am sure I have missed a lot of people. Anyhoo keep checking in.. I will post when I feel like it. I will play when I feel like playing. Everything is just going on the back burner for a while.


Blogger Aequitas58 said...

You'll be aiight. Give it some time. Enjoy the live game on the 21st. Wish I could join you at Foxwoods, but I have that stupid law school graduation to attend.

Maybe we'll get lucky and BOTH make some money that day.


11:29 AM

Blogger April said...

{big hug}

You know where to find me if you need me. Hang in there, and enjoy your trip. Hopefully it'll remind you why you loved this game once.

2:32 PM

Blogger Ignatious said...

excellent idea on taking a break. i do it all the time, simply to keep myself fresh and focused.

best of luck, sir, i'll be checking in for sure.

4:35 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Keep hitting up the freerolls, you'll still be playing for money at least.

6:05 AM

Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Take a break. And comeback strong.

1:26 PM


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