Sunday, May 15, 2005


lol. Jesus. I erased all my stats except today and this is what I get? Ouch! Well hopefully it is a fluke. A statistical abnormality. I did not feel particularly loose or passive. Up $14 in a couple of hours of play. Not too bad. Worst hand of the day: AA cracked by 78o for 4.50. I could have lost more, but with the straight on the board and him 3-betting me on the flop, I decided to check-call his 78o down. The funny think is my best hand was 73o. I limped as the BB, had pot odds to call my straight draw on the flop with four people in. Made a VULNERABLE straight using both the 3 and the seven. Check-Raised the turn. Got two callers. I even got those two to pay me off on the river. Not too bad. The most dissapointing hand was when my K9 turned a straight only to be rivered by a gutshot. Biatch! Oh well. Whatcha gonna do? I guess I want her to call my raises on the turn with nothing every day.


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