Thursday, May 26, 2005

Geek! Doh! Redeux!

I have rethought my position on last nights finish and as disappointing as it was I would not have changed a thing. Here is the deal. The guy bets me 6K I have 14K left. If I just call then I have 8K. Not enough. If I fold AK to a 3xBB raise then I am a tool and do not deserve to make any money. This could be true anyways. However I think folding AK with that little money left would be a mistake. I have never really been in a tournament where I have had that many chips. At one point I was over 33K in chips. This for me is amazing. I was looking at 14K worth of chips and saying “I have plenty”, instead of looking at 7xBB which is piddly. It is very important to consider BB instead of cash size. It gets blinding. Fuck though, being better than 1547 freeroll loosers feels pretty good.

Anyhow.. at least I made my money back last night. I took a buyin off Joos when he thought his AQ was better than my A9. With an A9x board. Silly boy. Do I bluff? I ended up winning a few more pots to bring the bankroll back over 120 or so. Lol. I hate to call it a bankroll but what the heck. I am back playing NL too. Limit is just too damn slow. Heh! I want to double up every night dammit! I will probably try some limit again when the roll hits a nice number like 600. Just to mix it up. I am being very careful since my roll is in the critical stages.


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