Saturday, May 21, 2005

Nice Night

I had a fun night. I started up by doubling on two .50/1 limit tables. Almost. Ended the night at $44 on both. Not bad for .50/1. At least for me. I then played in the 1250 freeroll for the 4-5th time. It was not very noteworthy. I finished a dismal 600th of 1600. It started out fun though:

Third hand of the damn thing. I have AQ s00ted and no less than 6 people call my 4xBB raise. Freaking freerolls. So I go oh shit, I hope I make a hand. So the flop is a nice 4 to a floosh, 4 to a straight deal so I pot it for 300, about 1/3 my stack maybe slightly more. Straight floosh too and 1 Over card that actually makes my straight. Anyways someone raises me all in like they should. I say I have to call. No way I can fold that. Spiked my A on the river for the win. Sweeeeeet. The conversation that ensues:

Moron: FUCK! What the hell! You asshole!
Me: Hey, I had a good draw.
Moron: But I had two pair.
Me: Fuck you anyway, you should not have called my raise with K8 you jerk.
Moron: But I had two pair.
Me: I mean pre-flop you jerk. What the fuck are you doing calling a 4xBB raise pre-flop with K8o? Asshole, you deserved that.
Moron: But I had two pair.

So anyway. Was my pot bet and my all in of his raise a bad move? I liked it. It was early in the freeroll and I had a chance to cruise for a level or two by doubling up. So I took it. We shall see if it pays off..

Unfortionatly it did not and I went totally card dead and ended up making a bad push with QQ vs 2 other players. I knew I should have folded but I could not. I was up against AT and KK with a flop of AT. I almost pulled a straight out of my butt but no way.

I played a little PL/HE with Joose tonight. You know. Chief Tokems bud. He is a decent MTT player. Has been finishing under 100 in the last few I watched him in. I would not be surprised if he made some money. I sat down at the PL table with $6 just for the fun of it. Wanted to play with the guy. Ran my $6 up to $50 before Joos sucked out a flush when I had been making pot bets on ever card. Oh well. I got a little annoyed. Very next hand he rivers a 6 straight against my 5 straight. I ended up winning $17 at that table. Gave a little back but overall did well.

I am still not dealing very well with losing. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do. I have the roll over $100 again. snort. I hate to call it a roll. At least I am feeling I can win at limit holdem again. I was playing the extremely tight SSHE rules but I really think you lose too much money unless you loosen up. So I have switched to the loose game rules. Page 82 of SSHE for you guys. It seemed to work well last night but we shall see. The only adjustment really is playing MP hands in EP. Since .50/1 people tend not to raise much pre-flop it actually is probably a good solution.


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