Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pay me baby!

I want you all to listen because this is probably the best Poker I have EVERY played in my life. I think for a minute I could not do anything wrong.

I am sitting down at this NL (.10//25) table last night. I am getting good cards. Nice. AKo.. Ok. I raise. Everyone folds. Da de dum. AA! Nice! I raise! Everyone folds. Ok. This is not fun. AJ! Raise! EVERY FREAKING ONE FOLDS. Ok. I hate this table and I am going to exact my revenge on it.

I decide that I am sick of people seeing me as tight. So I click off the auto-muck and get ready to have a fun time. I decide to myself I am going to raise every other hand. If you fuckers want to fold I am taking EVERY SINGLE OTHER BLIND! So I raise K8o. First hand. One dollar. I get one caller. What the hell! I play one crappy hand and get a caller! Screw her! I am NOT going to allow her to win. By shear force of will I shall win this hand. So I bet the pot. She cold calls. I notice a little sweat on her brow though. The pot is now eight bucks. Sister you wanna play with the big boys then you better have a hand (No offence to chicks here, you all rock at Poker, just moving the story along). I bet the pot AGAIN. She fold. I show K8o for K high nothing. Biatch! So I raise every other hand for 3-4 hands. Steal every blind. Show things like T4o, 23o, crap hands really.

Someone says "What the hell!!!".
I say in the chat "I am raising every other hand because nobody wants to play with me".
He replies, "OK with me"

So I continue to do this for one or two more hands. Lose a few bucks. Everyone is steaming by now. So I clamp down. I ony play the hands you should. Limp with a few questionable ones. Just to mix it up. Really keep it tighter though. Guess what. I am getting more action than I can stand. I start getting cards like AA and people are calling me to the river. Normal. Sane. People. Losing. Alot. To the river. It all ends with me getting ATo and limping. I flop a straight. I check-call to the river. I then go all in like I am bluffing and take the guys entire stack. He was a cool guy. I felt bad. A little.

Anyway, I will say this. I think I got some good cards. I however think it was some of the best manipulation of a table I have EVER done. It was FUN as hell! That my friends is how you play Poker!


Blogger April said...

Very nice

1:35 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Ah, the Gus Hansen approach.

7:46 AM

Blogger Diboss said...

I know that makes sense and I should try it, but I just can't get myself to go crazy and do it. Maybe you should maintain that strategy though, shifting gears like that would definitely make you a ton of money.

8:28 AM


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