Sunday, May 22, 2005

Foiled Again!

122nd Place in Freeroll. 8K Chips. 15K Avg Stack. 800 Blinds. Big Slick. I raise 2400 in EP. Get re-raised 6K. Should have folded? I dunno. It is very dissapointing when the hilton sisters get the best of you. Oh well, at least I had outs. I guess. I am thinking I played this too hard. Anyone?


Blogger Richard said...

Hell no. I would have just pushed allin off the bat (but that's my tournament strategy at the moment).

1:14 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

In a freeroll, who the hell knows what the other guys is playing.

If this was a regular tourney for decent cash, I'd avoid the probable coin-flip like the plague and take the hit.


7:38 AM

Blogger April said...

Even those bitches get lucky sometimes.

I would have called too, FWIW.

10:08 AM

Blogger Performify said...

I've been overplaying AK pre-flop lately in NL tournament games, and its gotten me in a lot of trouble. So much that I would have laid this down to the re-raise, given that you're a coinflip at best if you put them on any pocket pair.

If they'd re-raised half your stack I would have just called and looked for a favorable flop, however.

11:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want to lay down AK preflop with 10BB in a freeroll? Absolutely not. Also, nobody seems to care about your substantial pot odds here, considering you are getting almost 2:1, it's beyond a no brainer.

Playing AK for 1/2 your stack and folding on bad flops might be the worst possible way to play it.

10:06 AM

Blogger Performify said...

Anonymous: certainly wasn't advocating frequently playing AK for half your stack. I was talking in regards to this specific situation: the agressor raising to half his stack would have been a minimum raise to 4800 here (another 2400) and personally I would have called the 2400 taking the 3-1 pot odds then check/folding unless I connected on the flop.

Still though, I've really taken to not overplaying AK preflop in tournaments and I think its done wonders for my results - considering most of the time when calling a substantial raise you're going to run in to a pocker pair at the worst, you're a coinflip at best and putting your tournament at risk for a slight edge (or slight disadvantge) isn't a smart play IMO.

10:08 PM


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