Wednesday, May 18, 2005

This and that and the other..

A lot to talk about tonight. I finally found a good table and doubled up my buyin. I also was VERY entertained. I saw not once, but twice, the same guy with 3rd pair and a flush already on the board, bet, catch his 2nd pair, and win a hand. Now I know 3rd pair is really good at .50/1 tables but with a four flush on the board do you bet when you catch your second pair? I dunno.. seems kind of .. oh what’s the word.. fishie to me.. I think more scouting is in order before I sit down. This table had an average VP$IP of 48% at one time. That is incredible. I think I should play more tables like this.

I think Hank and Iggy should donate a PT guide to me. It will do several things:

A) Give them free advertising on a slightly trafficked website.
B) If I do end up making a big comeback I can be one of the success stories on their blog. Imagine how much press you could get from that! Even SirF can win with the power of the guide.
C) I am interested in what the hell it says but do not want to buy it until my roll improves.

So if you guys want to lend me a hamburger today, I will gladly repay you on Monday when my roll hits the $500 mark. There I go again, looking ahead.

I told Felicia I am going to grind out some wins just to spite her. Heh. I love her straight forwardness a lot, and I agree with everything she says, but I am going to do well just because I am stubborn. Hell, maybe some day I will even be good at this game. Either that or I can be Josh Ariah with a hell of a lot less skill. Wahh Wahh Wahh.

Oh yeah, that Fag John bailed on me. Jerk. I know he reads my blog so he better read this! Heh. I dunno. I mean he gets me all excited about going to Foxwoods with him. We set a date. Then just because he can not get ahold of me before the event he bails. Seems kind of L-A-M-E. I am still going with my IT recruiter pal Chris and probably another guy from my old work. Wish me luck.

Oh and this one is for you Pauly: Boston Creamed NY in the poorly watched Boston vs NY Poker challenge. Nah Nah Nahhh Nah Nah! Although your team had the chick with the biggest boobs, so maybe it is a tie.

Speaking of luck Felicia was saying that Slansky was telling her (I embellish a little) that the difference between skill and luck in any hand is 5%. I probably said it badly. But it is interesting in a way. It fits with what we all see in our stats. Look at PT and see your winning percentage. It is probably 55-60%. Over time that adds up. However it takes time. Anyhow, now that I have spewed the rhetoric, I know is true but have not been able to live up to yet, I will go back to playing. CIAO Baby!


Anonymous Zagga said...

Just read your blog from start to finish and wanted to say thanks for sharing your thoughts and to wish you all the best.
Don't know if it would help but i have a note saying "Have i passed the point of pain?" stuck to my pc and thats helped me avoid tilting.
Anyways thats all from the Scottish branch of the Sir fan club...
ps When is the first Sir convention? ;-)

7:59 AM


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