Monday, July 11, 2005

Down again..

Well back down to 460 or so. A little tilt. Not as much as usual. I did play a 100/NL. Just one. I got a little too aggressive and busted out. Ahh well. The moron I was against caught his 2-outer on the turn. Yeah, lets bet off fourty bucks with an Ace on the board when we have QQ. Of course Party Poker rewards the idiot and he catches a Queen on the turn. Not that I should have been playing top pair that aggressively, but come on! The rest of the $300 or so in loses in the past 3-4 days have all been normal play. Just not catching hands.

A few of the high points:

** I busted out of my 5/1 R&A on the first hand. I have Pocket Kings. I bet 300. Get a caller. The board is all small cards, the biggest being a ten. I have already bet out a third of my stack. So I push. He had hit his set with tens. Heeeelloooooo. I am not against playing Pocket Tens but calling that much pre-flop with them is just a losing proposition. Now this is a rebuy tourney, you might ask, why did you not rebuy? Umm.. Because.. I was running "That Bad" and did not want to waste another fiver.

** I busted out of my 2/0 on the second hand. This was even better. I guess I should have learned my lesson. However. I have Pocket Ladies. Bitches. The flop is all low cards. I push. The guy with A9 clubs and no flush draw calls. Of course he spikes his A on the turn.

** I busted out of my 20/2 SNG. I limp in the BB. I have two pair. Q6 to be exact. I bet three hundred on the flop. Now this is an SNG so it is half the guys stack. He calls. With what you might ask? King five. Ha! Loser! I have two pair! A king on the turn. He pushes. I call. Ha! Loser! I have two pair! A five on the river. Ummm.. Ha.. loser.. you have two pair.. umm.. ok.

Just a few of the painful moments. With the exception of last nights 100/NL I have been keeping a pretty even keel. I am looking forward to getting in a few hands tonight and starting to rebuild. Wish me luck!


Blogger littleacornman said...

Good luck Sir.Please don't tilt.You know you're better than the fish.Be thankful for their bad plays because you know if your patient enough you'll make money.

4:41 PM

Blogger Diboss said...

Damn fishes, I hate them too. I say we contaminate their water by pissing in it. But seriously though Sir, the Zen of poker is when you realize that we are all just bitches to Lady Luck. Remove meaning from your cards and the result will have no meaning to you. Now, can someone explain to me what I just wrote? seriously, anyone?

8:28 AM


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