Sunday, September 11, 2005


I was talking to Aequtis last night and I have decided I am a fish. Ok. Perhaps not the smallest, smelliest one.. but if your not winning over time then what else can you be? If you have some skills at the game but consistently lose you are a FISH. Someday that might change. Not with plays like this though.

I let my frustration get the best of me in a hand tonight. I have KQ. I am down nine for the night at the 25/NL table. The flop is K76. Two diamonds. So I do what any good player would do. I raise the two guys who bet FOUR BUCKS! The pot was small. They only bet a buck. I RAISED FOUR and I get BOTH callers. The turn is a Q of diamonds. So I KNOW SOMEONE has a diamond. So what do I do? I get frustrated and PUSH. All in. My remaining ten bucks. I spike a Q on the river!! WHOO HOO! Damn though.. I should have folded.

I had a decent night. Nothing to write home about. After some loses this morning. I am up to 325 tonight.


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