Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Ouch. Always the bubble boy and never the bubble. Or something like that. To top it all off I get hamstrung by my good buddy MEEK! Now I do not blame him. I screwed myself the hand before. Before we get to that. I went out 11th place. All I needed to do was wait. However, instead of that I went too far with QT against Meeks AK. Bastard.

The hand that I played wrong however, the one that got me into the QT situation, and busting out with K8, was when I had AQc. I did the ole, should I make the money or play my goddam hand. I decide to cold call a min raise. The mistake? I ABSOLUTLY needed to push there. I ended up folding the flop. Screw trying to stay in for 10th place. It is a loser mentality. The two times I started thinking that way I lost because of bad plays like that. So I could not be too mad when Meek crippled me.

Damn, I am distracted. GCOX is at my table. There is a MEGA agro, bet, raise with nothing, crap, suckout king at my table. It went something like this after he raised and stole my blinds a few time.

Sir: I am warning you. If you try to steal my blinds. I will raise you. Just on the principle of it. So back off.

Eerie silence follows. Then a few hands later. I am the BB and he is the SB. Here is how it goes down.

He bets.
I Raise like I said I would.
He re-raises.
I call.

I have AT here.

I type in the chat “I told you not to raise my blinds:. The flop is a crappy 8JK mix.

He bets.
I raise.
He 3-bets.
I cap.

The turn is a nothing 3.

He bets.
I raise.
He calls.

The river is a nothing card too.

He checks.
I bet.
He calls.

My AT stands up against his T7 draw.

Sir:I told you not to F with my blinds.
Sir: Go steal someone else’s blinds. A lot of other people will fold to you. Really.

Where was I. Oh yeah. The 2/4 game for SOME reason is kicking me in the balls. I keep consistently getting sucked out there and losing a $100 buyin. Three nights in a row. Does not make the tilt monster happy. I ended up letting him a little loose on the 3/6 table. I hit a REALLY nice hand based on a read. I called 4 bets pre-flop. Because Everyone was in. I had 9’s, and I could stop my loses at 12 bucks. The potential pot was going to be huge though. So the flop comes 9Qx. The initial capper bets, I raise, he re-raises, and it gets down to just us. I keep pounding the pot. Why? Because I am SURE he overvalues hands. I am praying he has KK or AA instead of QQ. The rest of the board is not very scary. We end up capping the turn and betting the river. He flips KK. I win a nice $200 pot. Ahhh well. What is a guy to do?

So I ended the night up around $90. I am still playing with GCox at a ½. So I might lose it. I am however extremely happy with my ½ play so far.


Blogger Veneno said...

Bubbling sucks!!!

Don't steal your blinds? But that is sooo fun! I will keep your warning in mind, but if given the chance, I will definitely take a shot..and I think you might just be a victim of the

That was cool..your little showdown btw...

I wish you the Best of Luck...

7:31 AM

Blogger GaryC said...

Just watch yourself trying to slide the Hammer past me.

Good times, Sir.


8:20 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Veneno: I play the player, and I know your much to smart to call down with nothing. However, this guy, he thought that just by betting I would fold. It was a matter of time before he got his. I am just happy I could help. It is wicked fun playing at .25/.50 where the cash does not matter and I can push around the weak players.

We all made out at that table Gary! The Hammer play was aewsome, I had my muck unchecked just in case you decided to fold. I could see that indecision in your face.

8:34 AM


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