Monday, September 26, 2005

Good points all..

I liked all the response to the suckout hand. I do not think you fold this hand though. There was something along the lines of 18BB in the pot by the river. The straight was the nuts so when I make it I win. I also had some over cards that may or may not have been good. It is very hard to tell with that board. It would be interesting to hear some analysis.

One funny thing though.. Al had asked how I would feel if I was sucked out on. Lately.. I am loving being sucked out on. It usually means I am in for a good night.. Sometimes it is hard, but sometimes I really feel good about the suckouts.. Which is "sometimes" more than I ever did before... could there be hope for me?

Oh yeah, btw, I am leaving for two days.. off to Sunny Pittsberg. Oh Joy!


Blogger Drizztdj said...

Just remember that suckouts go both ways the next time your set cracked.

Tilt control is just as important as playing "good" cards.

6:16 AM


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