Monday, September 26, 2005

So thats what..

Damn. That is what a real SNG tourney is like. Titan poker was down tonight. So I took my sorry ass to the only other place I had not busted out of yet: Stars! I hear good things about it. I played a little limit. I did not see the 6-MAX limit tables at stars. Do they have any? Oh well. I got bored so I hopped over to a 10/1 SNG. I placed first. It happened on two questionable plays really. On both plays I had a straight and flush draw. So like 13 outs at least. Possibly overcards too.

The first play I had won 3K in chips. I was doing good. So I went for the flush draw. Hit it on the river. Nothing much to say there.

On the second play it was three ways. Some guy limps in with his Kings. Not the worse play. The flop is KJx. Two diamonds for me. He makes it cheap for my first call. I have over 6K in chips. Have him covered. He might be bluffing, right? We are in the money. So I call. The turn brings me a Q. So now I have the straight and flush draw. He makes it more expensive this time. The pot is 2K and he pushes all in for his remaining 2K. I call. I see the trips and my heart skips a beat. However that diamond was there for me on the river. I said "Good Game" and he said some unrepeatable words. I will not subject you to them.

So anyway.. I am thinking it is dangerous for me to have chips in any tourney. I get too reckless with them. First place was fun though. I closed the deal with JJ vs A4. So my Stars Bankroll is $57 now. Up from $25.

Oh.. and BTW, is it me, or does anyone else hate how slowly Stars flips the cards? I mean CMON! I am dieing here to see if I pull my luck ass out of the fire and it takes 5 minutes to flip a card. Oh well. It is what it is..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha. The card flipping pissed me off too when I went back to Stars a couple months ago. I don't even notice it now though, so if you are like me it won't bother you in a little while. Congrats on the success at Stars, keep it goin.

P.S. I haven't written anything so you can just do it yourself if you are still thinking about posting about that subject. I know I suck. Laters.


8:22 AM

Blogger Veneno said...

Sounds like you had fun! I can only imagine your laughing on that river catch. Very good to hear that you are continuing to build.

12:19 PM

Blogger April said...

That card flipping thing is for DRA-MA.

5:45 PM


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