Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Pain Continues

Still running wayyyyyy cold in everything except MTTs. I had a chance to score in the 1500 freezout. I made one mistake 8 to the money. A loose, lagtard, pushed, and I put him on Ax, which he had pushed with before. So i call with my pocket 7's and do not improve. I lasted a few more hands but could never recover.

I did score in the 497 person depositors freeroll. For a whole .75 cents or something.

I had a good game with Scott last night too. I am thinking about a few tweaks he gave me pointers about. Although, I would say, I am still getting more than my share of half ass loses and suckouts. Scott doubled up at this table, I lost $40 though... sooooo...

The bankroll is down to 944 from its previous glory of 1500. Just been running REAL cold the past few weeks. No real tilting and playing the 30/60 level. I guess thats good. Or maybe I should.. hmm.. nahh..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No 30/60! Keep hitting those MTT's, you are going to score big soon. Transfer some money out of Titan and put it on Stars. They have tons of sweet MTT's, all price ranges, and more players. Titan MTT's usually don't have big payouts unless you want to spend $50 or so. Plus all of their smaller MTT"s are rebuy tourneys. I prefer freezeouts. You could even put some on Party for the same reason. Party can suck my balls though.


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