Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Slow Week at Work

Damn, I wish I had more time to surf at work. I used to have THE definitive blog listing. I mean it was the balls. I should start that puppy up again, since Poker blogs grow faster than rabbits. The list I had is probably very old now.

Speaking of rabbits, I thought I would respond to WillyWonkah’s about why it was a big mistake to play my Queens so hard. He writes some good stuff and it is worth taking a trip by his blog. The ladies are a hard hand. Especially in one of these wild rebuy tourneys. Does he have AK or KK? JJ maybe? Some other crap hand. It really gets to be knowing the player and deciding if you should respect a move by that player.

I thought it was a mistake because of details I did not put into my post. Details such as the player being decent, strong player. Details like me putting in a large bet and her coming over the top of me. I still have problems with laying down large pockets to huge raises. Usually, again depending on the person, a large raise after you have raised means high pockets. Especially when the other person has a decent stack and it is early in the game. It really comes down to the feel of the game in NL. In reality, on paper, the QQ vs KK is just bad luck. However, if you take everything in consideration it was one of the worst moves I made all game.

Having said that, I think I played exceptionally and made very few mistakes. I hung in there, and my good hands held up. All of the factors came together to give me a decent win. Skill AND Luck make a good tourney player. You can not win without both.


Blogger WillWonka said...

Thanks for the explanation and of course it makes sense... and thanks for the pimpage... We write so hopefully people will read and enjoy.
Keep on going with the good stuff!!

12:30 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

Congrats again! It was great to witness and celebrate this victory with you.

Wishing you many more...

2:52 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

Have you signed up for the HUC 2 yet? Spots are filling up...

3:08 PM


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