Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Veddy Interesting

Weird times. So as you all probably know my sister is facing a possible 6-month jail sentence. It is still up in the air right now. She calls me every few days saying “If you just call Citibank and Say that I will pay the bill they will not send me to jail”, read between the lines: If you tell Citibank that YOU accept responsibility for the charges then Michelle can screw you on the money later. Homey is not getting involved. She made this mess she can deal with it.

So my mother calls to give me the guilt trip, ohhh, what are we going to do with Michelle’s son? Where will he live? I recommended a good foster home. He would probably be better off than with my sister. She doesn’t even watch him most of the time anyways. She ships him off to my mothers house, which he calls “home”, every weekend anyways. It must be nice to have no responsibility. I wouldn’t know. I have been living on my own and working since I was 18 and have never looked back.

Anyway, it is not unusual that Momma the Enabler calls and asks me to get my sister off the hook. She then asks me why I never call her. I retort, Why should I? I have never done so before. She says “Maybe you should..”.. Hmmm.. A very interesting answer. She then goes on to ask if I like her. I quickly lie. Ok, it’s not a total lie, but after 36 years of being ignored and watching my sister be favored I am a little distant from my mother. So we shall see if this develops any further. Not sure if I care or not.


Blogger Falstaff said...

tough times. I think you're right to let her suffer the consequences of her actions, though. How do toddlers learn not to touch the stove if they never get burned?

9:44 AM


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