Saturday, November 19, 2005

Saturdays with Pauly

Have you ever wanted to walk out into the street in a crosswalk in front of a stop sign just because you KNEW the guy flying down the road would hit you, but you could tell him what an ass he was for not stopping? Sometimes I feel like the right play is something like that. I went out in 12th or 13th place in the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly series. I am happy with the finish. I had a suckout during the game but for the most part I played well and did what I could.

Joanne was at my table when it was down to twenty or so and she WOULD NOT stop picking on me. Every hand I raised she re-raised or bet hard on the flop. Ok. I know I am tight. However give a guy a break. I had a few great chances against her but either I missed both my straight and flush draws as well as possibly good overs.. or I bet my good hands too hard and she backed off.

One of the draw hands I lost against her set me up to be small stacked towards the end. Booby was at my table and she was RAISING like CRAZY. I mean every blind. Too much. So when it came to me and I had A5o, I knew she did not have anything. I also knew either one of us could catch a card. So do I wait here for a better hand as I am blinded down? Do I push? What can I do? I think the correct move it to step in front of the car.. so I pushed. She confirmed my thinking by turning over 89o and promptly sucking out on me on the flop. Ouch. Not a bad call on her part at all.. just hurts getting hit by that car.

So I improve in the standing but several people are going to have to have total meltdowns for me to win that iPod. I also need to final table. Neither of which are inspiring much confidence. At least my PLO8 game continues to progress. I pulled out another $15 session today. There was a real whiney guy at the table, so I kept calling him Tina Tinkles and asking if he needed a bottle, or had to have his diaper changed. He was on MAD TILT. Either that or he sucked. I dunno.

Congrats to several of my Blogger buddies for going deep including Trauma, SoxLover and GaryCox. Also congrats to CJ on what has got to be the most suckoutiest (is that a word?) win ever. He came to the final table with very few chips, and proceeded to suck his way to first. He played a good tough game though, and you have to respect it. Congrats! Everyone I picked to win EXCEPT for him ended up going on tilt and losing.


Blogger Wes said...

I knew the picture of Elisha Cuthbert would portray me as a female to some people. Oh well.

I didn't raise every blind, just yours.

Boobie Lover

4:44 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

Sounds like you need to find a street with a cross guard so you can make it accross

Thanks for a good laugh.

Best wishes...

6:23 AM


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