Thursday, January 19, 2006

The White Boy Is Back

Sometimes you have good weeks. My MTT game has never been better than this week. As I mentioned yesterday I was ITM in an O8 and Bubble boy in a Razz MTT. This should have shown you my vast superiority in all games of poker not just HE.

Tonight I decided to add on to my MTT run with TWO ITM finishes. The first one I am the most proud off in a way. I entered one of those $2 HE tourneys. I ended up busting out 39th of 1700! I beat up on 1660 people. Albeit they were not the brightest bulbs in the poker world.. but that is hard to do. I did it without a single suckout also. The thing that got me deep into this was catching good hands late. I had a decent stack of 10K in chips and I went on a run where I trippled up. This set me up for a hand where another 30K stack tried to draw out a gutshot straight on my set of kings. I ended up holding up and doubling to 60K. I then went to a high of 138K until I finally busted. I am not really sure how I screwed up but anyway. While it was dissapointing to not make the final table I did well and should take pride in that.

The next one helps me have a workable bankroll again. I scored 4th of 200+ in an O8 MTT. I played super tight and got cards when I needed them. One of the most memorable hand was when I was drawing to a nut hi/lo, missed both, and still won the pot with Ace high. That is EXTREMELY rare in O8. The 4th place finish in this 10/1 MTT netted me over $200 and brings the bankroll to around $260. So I have something to work with on Stars. Next stop: Full Tilt.

Oh, and peeps. Beware of me in the HORSE tourney for these Waffles are cooking!!!!!


Anonymous Ingoal said...

Woohoo! Congrats man, a nice run there! Keep it up!

6:42 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Nice job Waffle!

6:50 AM

Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Nice work, mate. I am too busy chopping away at the 180 SnGs (with which I am falling in love - so many bad players), but wouldn't mind taking another shot at an O8 tourney. Not sure if I can make it to the HORSE tourney on Friday, but we'll see how we go.

8:21 AM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

You dominate!!

3:52 PM

Anonymous Zeem said...

nh sir

What's your approach to these limit tourneys? I seem to get all bi-polar and play super tight super aggressive after the 1st few rounds. Must be the meds...

Keep running g00t

3:52 PM

Blogger Veneno said...

Good Job!!!

Was it really you playing? I thought you were the guy with the worst luck in the world. How can you have so much winning in one night? Did you pass that bad stuff to Veneno?

12:23 AM

Blogger Wes said...

He replaced Trauma in the DADI tournament, thus the transfer of luck. I would not be surprised to read the next post by Trauma abou how bad he is running.

12:57 AM


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