Thursday, March 30, 2006


Had a nice night at 2/4 and then gave it all back. Except 5 bucks. It was nice being up over sixty for a little while. Oh well. What can you do when you raise pre-flop with AJ, flop and Ace, and QQ catches a flush on the river to beat your J high flush. I am not sure. What can you do when your two pair get capped by some tool with a pair of sixes and then he turns another one? With the only card that does not give you a boat? I am not sure. What can you do when 78d calls your pre-flop raise and post-flop bet with JJ along with A5? At least I folded that one when the flush hit. Third place feels good. Oh well I guess a winning night is better than a losing one. I guess all you can do is call the whole table morons and try again tomorrow.

I have a goal. I want to play enough poker in the next two months to get my bankroll up to 5K. It is a little pie-in-the-sky kind of goal but I am going to try it. If I am able to do so I am going to take 2K out for Vegas baby! I would also like to win the WSOP seat then I do not need to make as much. Better luck tomorrow I guess.


Blogger Fat Dan said...

Sorry I left last night I must have been your good luch charm. you went from down 30 to up 60 in like 45 minutes while I was there, and then you give it all back after I log off.

Sorry man.

4:56 AM


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