Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Surgery in Roller Coasters

Ick what the hell is wrong with your people? Doctors operating in a roller coaster? What is next? Gallbladder removal from the merry go round? I swear these people do shit just because they can. Doctors are dangerous! Be careful!

Officers at the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office spent $6,400 on 92 lap dances at just one bikini bar, Lil Tootsie's, over the course of a two-year vice investigation, the Tampa Tribune reported Tuesday. What the hell is up with that? I mean is being nude such an offense that we need to spend 6K trying to stop it? The officers contend that the money was well spent, as the women in these VIP rooms frequently take it all off; 41 misdemeanor nudity charges were filed against 15 dancers. Really? Why don't you go fucking catch some real criminals you pervs.

While I am on Doctors I do not get why Rav goes to an Island to learn to be a doctor? Is he in Witch Doctor school? Is it easier to get a degree from some dinky Island? Then you come back to the states and get licensed? Just cheaper? Is it because they allow you to experiment on people easier where there are no laws? Weird concept but sounds cool.. Hope my boy is making Dr. Frankenstein money soon!

Played the Mookie-Double play tonight. I ALMOST took first in the Second change. I also did well in the first game. My luck is still off. The first game the blinds are 200 and I have a 3K stack. I look down and see JJ and figure I need some chips if I want to make the final table. I get a small 600-raise before me so I decide to push and isolate. I could have cold called but I honestly like the push better. Only because my stack was getting smallish. If I cold call the 600 I am still in the game but now I am really desperate. Anyhooo.. my luck held up and the guy two seats after me had AA and that is all she wrote.

I played really well and got lucky early in the Second Mook. I took Hoy out when he limped A6 and I raised with KJ. He read me like a book and pushed. I called. We raced. He lost. Sorry man. Not the worse suckout I have seen the boy take. I think I read Hoys blog too much because he always posts hands where he sucks out on someone or makes a HUGE bluff. So I naturally assume he is always bluffing. I need to adjust a little. I think it runs both ways though since I can often bust his ass with a better hand.

I then played some good poker all the way to HU with LifesAGrind. I will admit here and now that he was pissing me off. Every fucking raise I made when 5 people were left he called with an inferior hand AND he hit alot of them. I would raise AK and he would call with Q8o and hit a queen. It was annoying. In the end we had a pretty good battle back and forth. He slow played a pair of kings against my K5 and of course a king hit the flop. I got away from that without blowing my whole stack. I then had a decent sized lead and I push my AJ. He calls with 89h and of course spikes a 9. No help for your truely. In the end I pushed with a weak K, and he called, like usual, with a weak Ace, and that was all she wrote for me. Ah well. Heads up is a weird animal. I actually like the aggression with weak aces HU. It really is all about luck when you get to that point. Second is good I guess. Who the hell am I kidding.. second is for losers! I want the golden ring baby! At least Ick didnt win.

I took my Ill gotten gains to the 50/NL table and doubled up. The hand I was able to double with was interesting. I called a raise with KQ, which I hardly ever do. The flop came with a king. Guy bets out and I cold call. The turn is ANOTHER K. He bets. This time I raise him. Need to know where I am. His hesitation tells me I am way ahead. At least that was my read. He pushes. I call. He flips bottom pair and a flush draw and I win. No other hands of real note.


Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Yeah that was fun, Waffles. Slb should take a lesson and just enjoy it like me when a donkey beats me on some donkeyplay. It all comes back around to the sharks eventually, trust me on that one. And I'll ignore the comment about busting my ass with a better hand, I don't recall that happening too many times to be honest. Maybe once or twice ;). Anyways I watched you down to the wire in the Mookie 2, nice work. Grind is a solid player and hard to beat. Especially for a lucky effin donkey such as yourself.

Till the next time tiltyboy. You have got to get that chat back on full tilt man. It's just not the same without you in the table chat.

6:22 AM

Anonymous mookie99 said...

Glad you could join us last night. You really need to email FT support and find out when the chat ban will be lifted. It's not the same having a silent Waffles.

11:39 AM


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